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The first and most obvious of these of essential features in portable players is, of course, portability. With regard to portability, we look at things like the weight of each of the portable players you consider buying, as well as its physical dimensions; as these are likely to have a bearing on the portability of the devices. Now shopping for portable MP3 players with regard to physical weight and dimensions is not as easy as it first seems. Granted, there are many portable MP3 players that are marketed on a platform of being ‘light-weight,’ but the question that tends to follow one’s being told that they are light-weight is as to what sacrifices have been made to make the ultra-light weight possible.

If very heavy sacrifices with regard to functionality have been made to make the impressive light-weight possible, then the MP3 player model in question might not be the right one for you, after all. In a similar manner, making smaller physical dimensions possible in a particular MP3 player that is marketed on a platform of being ‘sleek and ideal for use while on the move’ might call for making heavy sacrifices with regard to features like screen size and control-button positioning.

Where the heavy sacrifices have been made with regard to screen size so that you have to be perpetually squinting to make use of the gadget, you might reasonably find yourself hesitating from opting for the portable player in question. So, at the end of the day, the best portable MP3 players are those whose makers have somehow struck a good balance between size and weight miniaturization, without making major sacrifices on functionality either.

The second important feature you have to take a keen look at when shopping for portable MP3 players is that of performance with regard to battery power. This is important, because if the portable MP3 players are to be used on the move, then chances are that you cannot be sure that you will always find the facilities you need to charge your gadget everywhere you go with it. MP3 player battery technology has luckily advanced greatly, and we now have portable MP3 players that can support tens of hours of continual use without requiring a recharge, and these should be your first option, especially where it is clear that some of the places and circumstances in which you are to use your portable player might not allow for recharging.

Take MP3 players, for instance. While aesthetic considerations used to be the major decision-making factors for shoppers just a few years ago, we are today at a point where people are actually asking for the technical specifications of the various gadgets they consider buying; and actually, using the information in those technical specifications for their purchase decision making.

Obviously, it is the technically sound MP3 player models that have benefited the most from this trend where people are making their electronic gadgetry buying decisions based on the technical specifications. An example of one such MP3 player model that has greatly benefited from the increased concern with technical soundness is the Creative Zen MP3 player, an MP3 player which has grown, with apparently little ‘hype-making’ effort on the part its makers, to be many people’s darling amongst the whole MP3 player’s stack.

Among the technical considerations – mainly centering on hardware – that have made Creative Zen MP3 players many people first choice of MP3 player is its screen design, its storage capabilities and its sound quality properties. With regard to screen design, the Creative Zen MP3 player turns out to be endowed with a TFT display system – with the TFT screen format being currently what is considered the best screen format for screens; as it is easier to the eyes, and many people are increasingly conscious about the effect that prolonged squinting at the other less clear screen formats might have on their optical health in the long run.

Besides making viewing easier with the TFT format, Creative Zen MP3 player goes ahead to enhance the viewing experiencing by maximizing on the screen space (giving as much screen space as possible) – without making the gadget unduly big – by doing away with superfluous features on the MP3 player’s front. Turning to storage capacity – an important consideration as far as MP3 players go – Creative Zen MP3 players come in a variety of capacities, ranging from 2 GB to 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. It says something about just how far computer storage technology has come, when it is possible to store a whopping 32 Giga bytes of data (music and stuff) in a gadget that is no longer or wider than a credit card.

 What is notable though, about Creative Zen MP3 players as far as storage goes is that even for the least in terms of storage (at 2 GB), there is still a lot of storage for pretty much any ordinary amount of music one would want to carry with them, with unit price per Giga byte of storage space falling considerably as one move up the Zen Creative scale. And for ‘scalability’ considerations, Creative Zen MP3 players come with expansion slots on which the user can use to enhance the gadgets’ storage capabilities even further.

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