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This article will go over lowes card login. Lowes is an American retail company that operates a chain of home improvement stores in the United States and Canada. Carl Buchan, founded in 1921 by Lucius Smith Lowe, is now the world’s second-largest hardware chain. Many major American retailers, including Kohl’s, Best Buy, and Amazon, offer co-branded cards to their customers.

Lowes follows suit and employs the Lowes Benefit charge card. Lowes has a partnership with Synchrony Financial, which oversees and manages the Lowes Advantage Card. You can also choose the Lowe’s Company Charge card, which it offers alongside American Express.

For 2021, Lowes Credit Card Login and Bill Payment

This article will tell you everything you need to know about lowes card login.

If you enjoy home improvement or shop at Lowes, the Lowe’s Card benefits cannot be overlooked. Some of the benefits are listed below. Check out as well.

– Get an additional 5% off any purchase made at Lowe’s online or in-store.

– Although the APR on the Lowe’s Benefit Card is 26.99%, it is avoidable if used wisely.

– When you spend $299 or more, you can choose between a 5% discount and deferred interest financing.

– You can pay card fees and manage your cards online.

Login to Your Lowes Card

Step 1: Navigate to the Card Management page by clicking this link. Take Care of Your Lowe’s Credit Card Account.

Step 2: Locate the login widget on the left side of the page and enter your username and password. Before proceeding, please review step 3.
Step 3: Below the space provided for login credentials, there is a “Remember me” option; simply check it when using your specific system/devices. Enabling the remember me option will save your username to the device you are using.

Step 4: Now, beneath the “remember me” option, click the “Secure Login” button.

If your log-in credentials are verified, the page will grant you access to my Lowe’s page.

Remember that you cannot use your login credentials here; they may be different. Also, look into the login.

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Payment for Lowes Credit Card

It is recommended that you pay your credit card bills on time in order to avoid late fees and maintain your FICO credit score. This also ensures that all of the benefits provided by the card can be fully utilised. There are four ways to pay your Lowes charge card fees.

1. By logging into my Lowe’s account online- The quickest and most convenient way to pay your charges is to log in to your Lowe’s charge card advantage account online. You can also choose e-statement or schedule payments.

2. By going to Lowe’s- If you’re on your way to Lowe’s, you can also approach the customer service desk, and they will assist you. To find a Lowe’s store near you, go to Lowe’s Store Locator.

3. Lowes also offers the option of paying by phone, though you may have to pay a small fee to expedite the payment. We have provided contact information below so that you can select phone numbers associated with your account type and request support.

– Call 888-840-7651 for Consumer Credit Card and Business Account inquiries.

– For Receivable, dial 866-232-743.

– Call 866-537-1397 for Organizational Benefits.

1. By Mail- Isn’t this an excellent old-fashioned method? Simply write a check or money order and mail it to the business’s mail box. If you are comfortable with this process, you can find the address in the billing declaration, or we have listed the pertinent address below for your convenience. Check out as well.


– Mail checks to Lowe’s, PO Box 530914, Atlanta, GA 30353-0914, for Lowe’s Benefit Card or Lowe’s Project Card owners.

– Mail to Lowe’s Organization Account, PO Box 530970, Atlanta, GA 30353-0970

Lowes Credit Card Application Procedure

If you want to apply for a Lowes Benefit Credit Card, your FICO score must be higher than 620.

You can get a Lowe’s card online or in a Lowe’s store; look for the one-time signup deal when using their store. If you want to apply online, follow the steps listed below.

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Step 1: Go To This Website. LOWES- Apply for the LOWES Credit Card to access the application website.

Step 2: Enter your personal and financial information here. Fill out the form completely.

Step 3: Double-check all of the information and click the “continue” button located below the form.

Step 4: Complete the process with the help of the page.

After reviewing your application, the bank will contact you. You can also call 1-800-444-1408 to check the status of your Lowe’s Credit Card application.

Activation of a Lowes Credit Card

You should activate your Lowe’s Card as soon as you receive it. Keep your card handy for activation and follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Go to the portal by clicking on the Manage Your Lowe’s Charge Card Account link.

Step 2: Scroll down and select “Register.”

Step 3: Enter your Lowe’s card number and Zip Code on the first page.

Step 4: Click the “Continue” button and proceed.

Step 5: Agree to the terms and conditions and finish the process.

Client Service for Lowes Credit Cards

You can reach the Lowes Credit Center at 1-800-444-1408 for assistance and inquiries.

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