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When Windows begins, the logilda.dll error warning may appear on desktop and laptop computers equipped with Logitech mouse. You must first use Job Manager to deactivate LogiLDA (Logitech Download Assistant) from starting up Windows in order to correct the error.For any more issues, check out the Repair DLL errors in Windows 10 section and attempt to find a solution. We have written a lot of entries about DLL files. Peripherals are just as important because they are your computer system’s metaphorical arms and legs. Visit our Repair Peripherals category if you have any problems with them.

Logilda.dll was fixed Error with Logitech mouse on Windows 10

You may learn how to fix the logilda.dll error in this article by reading the details below;

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To find Windows faults that can be causing PC problems, click Start Scan.
If there are issues with Patented Technologies, click Repair work All (Exclusive Discount for our readers).When Windows first begins, desktop and laptop computers using Logitech mouse may display the logilda.dll error warning. There was a problem launching C: Windows System32LogiLDA.dll, according to the error notice. It was not possible to find the defined module.In fact, some customers have reported that updating their Windows platforms caused the error notice to start appearing. These are several potential remedies for the logilda.dll error, which mostly affects the Logitech Download Assistant.

How can I fix the logilda.dll error in Windows 10?

Utilizing Task Manager, disable LogiLDA from the Windows Start-up
Get Rid of the Logitech Download Assistant Key from the Registry
Using a batch file, delete the Logitech Computer Registry Secret
Logitech SetPoint software removal
Activate the Logitech Chauffeur again.
For more information, see What Are The Different Benefits Of Buying Instagram Followers?1. Turn off LogiLDA From the Windows Startup With Task Manager
You will typically need to disable LogiLDA Logitech Download Assistant from Windows start up in order to fix the logilda error. By hitting the Windows secret + R hotkey, you can accomplish that.
Enter task mgr in the Run text box, then click OK.
Select the Job Supervisor window’s Start-up tab.Select LogiLDA from the startup products list, then click Disable.
If there are any more Logitech start-up elements, disable them.
Task Manager occasionally responds slowly or slowly at all.If you experience the same issue, we suggest that you read this comprehensive advice to help your Job Supervisor respond more quickly.

2. Remove the Registry Key for the Logitech Download Assistant

Eliminate the Logitech PC registry key to ensure that the Logitech Download Assistant is fully eliminated from the Windows startup. Start by opening Run by pressing the Windows shortcut key + R on the keyboard.
Enter “Regedit” in the Run text box, then click OKAY.
Then, as shown in the image below, enter ComputerHKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun in the Computer registry Editor’s course text box.

4.Click the Logitech Download Assistant crucial and choose Delete from the context menu.

Access to the computer registry editor is blocked. Look over this instructions to quickly find the solution.

3. Use a batch file to delete the Logitech Registry Key

Additionally, a batch file can be used to delete the Logitech Download Assistant computer system registry key. Open the Notepad and enter the Logilda to achieve that. Notepad for Dll Error in the Run text field.oecho Begin
The next echo Default directory for x86 and x64: # oecho ###################### ######################## oecho #
For x86 or x64 operating systems, execute the following command: ocd%windir% & cd system32.
Delete the following entries: oreg delete “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”/ v “Logitech Download Assistant”/ f; oreg erase “HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”/ v “Logitech Download Assistant”/ f; echo #.
Various echo Modification of the directory for x64: oecho #. ######################oecho This command is the x64 OS’s computer registry for x86 applications.
“HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”/ v “Logitech Download Assistant”/ f. “HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”/ v “Logitech Download Assistant”/ f. “ocd%windir% & cd syswow64.”
oecho End.
Use the hotkey Ctrl + V to paste the code into the Notepad.
Select File > Save. In relation to opening the window below
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If Notepad’s status bar is unavailable to you, you might want to read this article to learn how to resolve the issue and resume editing your files.

Not a fan of the notepad? Use one of these excellent substitutes to quickly edit your batch files.

4. Remove the Logitech SetPoint software programme from your computer.

The logilda.dll error can typically be resolved by removing Logitech Download Assistant from Windows starting.From the Save As type drop-down menu, choose All File.
Put “Logitech.bat” in the batch file’s name field.
The file will be saved if “Save Batches File to PC Logilda” is chosen.
and then click Save. Dll Error
Then, by right-clicking the Logitech.bat Files on your desktop, select Run as administrator.Reinstalling the most recent version of the Logitech Set Point programme, if that doesn’t work, may also fix the logilda.dll error.In fact, the problem might be fixed by simply removing Set Point. As stated below, Set Point can be removed.Enter appwiz.cpl in Run and click OK to open the windows straight below.Enter “Logitech Set Point” as the search term.
Select the mentioned Set Point programme and click Uninstall.
To further confirm, click the Yes button.
Restart Windows if necessary.
To download the most recent version of the SetPoint programme, click the Downloads Now option on the page. Click Download Now after selecting Full Installer 32-bit from the drop-down option if your Windows platform is 32-bit.
To add the software programme to Windows, open the Set Point installer.
See this comprehensive guide if you require additional information on how to remove applications and programmes from Windows 10.5. Install Logitech Motorist again.
Reinstalling the stock Logitech mouse driver is another method for fixing the logilda problem. In the Run text box, type devmgmt.msc to reinstall that driver.
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2. Double-click mice and other pointing devices to enlarge the range of the devices mentioned.Then select Uninstall device by selecting the Logitech HID mouse’s right-click menu.
The default mouse driver will then be installed again by Windows when you restart your laptop or desktop.New drivers can’t be found or downloaded by Windows? Don’t worry; you are actually in good hands with us. By regularly updating your drivers, you can keep your machine operating properly.Given that manually updating drivers is a time-consuming, arduous process, we advise instantly launching this utility (approved by Microsoft and Norton). These fixes will eliminate the window displaying the logilda.dll error message.

Be aware that system optimizers like CCleaner and System Mechanic that include start-up supervisors can also remove the Logitech Download Assistant from Windows startup.

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