Lipstick Shades to Swear by to Uplift the Glam Quotient!

Lip colour is the essential element of any beauty look. It can completely transform your style and appearance with just one stroke. Lipsticks may easily be ruled out as the most versatile makeup product among all cosmetics and beauty items, with numerous shades available in various lipstick ranges.

Lipsticks are like a magical wand for women, whether a professional woman, a housewife or a celebrity, to create that bold and confident appearance in a matter of seconds. There are lipstick shades for every event and time of day, from neutrals to peaches and reds and corals.

However, there’s always that one best nude lipstick in every makeup lover’s stash that complements a wide range of makeup looks and is suited for both casual and formal occasions.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Lipstick Hue for Your Skin Tone


Fair skin tones fall into the ‘light’ category, including anything from practically white to a warm beige. Lipstick shades that are too light might wash out the face on a lighter complexion, so avoid them. Shades that are too light might wash out the look on a lighter complexion with cooler undertones, so avoid them. 

To add brightness and drama to the face, aim for bright colours like fuchsia pink, crimson red, and bright corals. Classic red, orangish-red, coral, cherry reds, or vibrant blue-reds give you a bold and beautiful look. Red is the best-suited shade for occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, casual dining, and evening parties. While for workwear and everyday makeup look, go for a pink or peach shade that suits most light-complexioned beauties. With such tempting tones of pink as hot pinks, coral pinks, baby pinks, and neon pinks, be prepared to grab all the attention. 


You’re in the medium bracket if your skin tone is anywhere between wheatish and brown. It’s advisable to experiment with lipstick hues with warmer undertones for your skin tone. We’re talking cherry red, strawberry pink, rosewood nudes, and fire corals, which give olive or wheatish complexion brilliance and a sunny depth. Afraid to try orange? Go ahead – the flaming colour gives your complexion a beautiful golden tan. 

Rusts, a new entrant in the lip colour category, has managed to hog the limelight. Just one stroke of this lip colour gives you that dramatic look and can be worn from glam nights to everyday office wear. This is ideal for anyone with a medium to light skin tone. It enhances your complexion and makes you look pretty.


The dark skin category includes people with skin tones ranging from caramel to chocolate brown. Shades with yellow undertones are a must-have. Choose from a bold pink, flaming red, tiger lily coral, or gingerbread nude. True reds will stand out, while deep tones can assist make the lips the face’s focal point.

Brown is a subtle yet empowering colour for all women! Chocolate, cocoa, and cinnamon are just a few of the tones offered in this collection. A flattering lip colour for the dusky skin tone, the flawless base gives an elegant look when worn for any occasion.

Wine is a sensuous lip colour that complements a dusky complexion. It’s perfect for a date, party, or a casual night out, and you’ll be sure to make an enticing first impression. 

A class in itself, red lip colour is an absolute must-have in any makeup junkie’s vanity. After all, this timeless classic exudes confidence, passion, and edginess like no other. As a result, the question of whether or not to wear red lipstick is always vague — the answer is an undoubted YES! It’s universally attractive and understands how to take your appearance from drab to glam in a flash. 

Rundown of the best Lotus Makeup lipstick shades:

  • Silky Rouge Lip Color features a long-lasting and nourishing composition that keeps your lips hydrated and matte at the same time.
  • Tangy Red, Burgundy Bliss, Wine Velvet hues from the Lotus’ Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Color line, as well as Orange Opal if you’re feeling adventurous, are also from the same brand.
  • Red Fantasy Lotus’ Matte Lip Lacquer collection has an ultra-luxurious cushion-like texture that delivers intense creme application making it transfer-proof in seconds without drying out the lips. 

What are the best lipstick colours for Indian skin tones?

India is a melting pot of cultures, each one distinct from the other. People’s skin tones in our country are equally different, ranging from fair to gorgeously brown. This leads to an apparent conclusion: there isn’t a specific colour best suited for all. Most Indian complexions are on the warmer side. However, you must consider how it will complement your face when choosing lipstick. 

Scroll down to see our picks for the best lipstick hues for Indian complexion, as well as how to figure out what undertone suits you best.

Best Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin

– Lotus Makeup Divine Brown Matte Lipstick 

Divine Brown is a dressy colour perfect for those night-outs where you want to go down the bold and edgy route.

– Lotus Makeup Rose Rhyme Lip Plumper + Gloss 

A high-shine lipstick is the epitome of glitz and elegance. This vivid rose tint is an offbeat flash of colour that can quickly go from boardroom to dance floor with just one swipe. Thanks to its powerful colour payoff and glossy texture, it’s a lippie that’s excellent for even more formal situations like weddings. 

Other popular shades in the same liquid lipstick are Pure Peach, Toasted Almond, and Ravishing Rose.

– Lotus’ Bold Terracotta Matte Lipstick 

Browns have the advantage of working with a wide range of skin tones, from light to dark. This everyday lipstick has a satin matte finish and long-wearing formula that lasts all day, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink. It provides a tremendous initial payout while remaining light and soothing on the lips.

– Lotus’ Pure Peach Lip Plumper   

This neutral peach looks well on almost every Indian skin tone. It can also be used as a base coat for any other lipstick shade and is the best nude lipstick. The formula gives your pout a matte finish that provides maximum coverage and lasts all day. 

The best nude lipstick enhances the natural lip colour for an effortless look. Depending on your skin tone and lip colour, it can range from the palest shade of pink to a neutral beige or a gentle brown.

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