Leh Ladakh Bike Trip: Complete Guide

The first thing everyone does and everyone should do for planning a trip is to decide, that from which route you want to go. Read the below information about routes and pich the one which suits you best.


  1. If you are going from Delhi(route 1) then you have to follow this route:- Delhi- Jammu- Srinagar- Kargil- Leh 
  1. If you are going from Delhi(route 2) then you have to follow this route:- Delhi- Chandigarh- Manali- Kylang- Leh

In this route your bike will cover only 3000km.

  1. This is a circuit route from Delhi. Most of the people with bike trip, use to follow this route:

 Delhi- Jammu- Srinagar- Kargil- Leh- Manali- Chandigarh- Delhi

Full circuit trip distance from Delhi is 3100- 3400km.

How much petrol is going to be used:

This depends on which bike you are taking with you for a bike trip. You can choose any bike from 100cc to 1000cc. But it should be in a wonderful condition. If your bike gives 40km mileage, then around 5500-6000 rupees petrol will be used from one side in full circuit. 

In their in no petrol pump from Manali To Leh. So, in this condition you have to keep reserve petrol in a jerry can. If you are carrying 100cc bike then, you need not to take a jerry can but still for safety keep 5 liter extra petrol with you. But if you are carrying bike of more than 300cc, then definitely you have to carry a jerry can.

How many days are needed to complete the trip:

Tis is a bike trip. So, you have to make a plan for around 12-15 days. And it is advisable to take 2-3 days extra because weather is uncertain it can cause problem anytime.

What to take for safety purpose:

For safety purpose it is highly recommended to take a safety gears/ riding gears. Knee guard and elbow guard comes for around rupees 1500- 2000 take it with you for sure. If you don’t have riding jacket and riding pant then its not a problem but remember to keep a knee and elbow guard. Keep gloves, carry two types of gloves if possible (Winter gloves & summer gloves). Because when you will ride on plains that time you going to feel hot but in Ladakh you will need Warm gloves. Helmet of good quality is really needed for your bike trip. Keep complete bike tool kit with you, puncture kit( if tubeless tires), chain lock, spark plug, chain lubricant, accelerator wire, engine oil small pack.

General things that you have to carrie with you:

 Waterproof bag for clothes (keep only 2-3 pair of clothes), winter wear, raincoat, power bank, post paid sim( bsnl), keypad phone, mobile charger, camera if you want.


If you are going to Leh from Srinagar and Kargil route, you will need only one permit. But if you are going from Manali route you will need 2 permit because the 1st permit will be for Rohtang pass it is very important without it you will not be able to cross the for this permit contact travel agent in Manali they will help you to make this permit and another permit is for exploring Leh you can apply online for this permit. 

Things you need for getting permit- Passport size photo, Adhar card, voter ID card.


For 3-4 days you have to stay in Tent:

Tent charges- 2000 to 3000 

How many people can stay in 1 tent – 3 to 4

In Leh there are many hotels you can stay in them, hotels in Leh are not costly you can get a good hotel even in rupees 2000. 

Other way is a home stay, the advantages of home stay are- they are comparatively cheap than hotels and you can get a chance to eat the local food.

If you want to carry your own tent, place your tent near to other tents because that place will be unknown for you.


If you are someone who take normal diet then only 250-300 will going to spend per head. 

Total Budget:

Per head around 12,000- 15,000 for 12 to 15 days. But make sure to keep extra money with you, that will come in use at a time of emergency, if there will be any. And keep a cash of around 7000- 8000 because atms are not easily available there. Solo riding is not recommended because it can be risky. 

                                  June to October is a best time to visit.

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