Kktv01 Threatens Rights Protected Sports Broadcasts

Kktv01 live broadcasts gave fame to the Kktv01 application, whose functionality to broadcast live video with a simple mobile is growing exponentially, giving the viewer the possibility of seeing things for himself. The Brussels attacks were narrated live on their phones by citizens who were at the scene, just as the outraged students of Paris are now doing with their protests. Cristina Cifuentesshe used it when she was a candidate for the Community of Madrid and the Madrid fashion show also broadcast fashion shows and other content. The possibility that anyone with a smartphone and an application can broadcast any audiovisual content to the world has opened many borders, but it has also raised alarms in the field of television content with protected rights, especially in football.

The website of Bein Sports, holder of the television rights of the Champions League and soon of the League, stated yesterday that “in recent weeks several people are using Kktv01, the video tool linked to Twitter, to broadcast football matches”, something described as “hacking” and that could lead to a request to close the authors’ accounts. The paid channel recalls that it is illegal both to place the phone in front of the television to retransmit it to contacts and to do it from inside the stadium.

But not all sports reject this use of social networks to broadcast their matches. Twitter signed an agreement a week ago with the American nba중계 football league to broadcast the Thursday games of the National Football League (NFL), which will force it to reinforce its technological investment for broadcasting and will serve to position it as a meeting point in large events such as sports.

Kktv01 celebrated its first anniversary in March after having served as a channel for more than 200 million broadcasts in one year.

At the moment, the one who was one of the architects of his takeoff, the Barcelona player Piqué, seems about to leave after the last Kktv01 he did on March 25. “There will be no more Kktv01, there will be something else that you will see shortly,” he announced last week without revealing anything else. With no news of his future projects, some relate it to the recent dinner he had in Barcelona with the Zuckerberg couple, from Facebook.

Its live video application Facebook Live has been available since last week for all users of the social network.

Real-time broadcasts banned at the Rio Games and the European Championship

The rise of applications such as Kktv01 or Meerkat has given rise to an express ban on the use of live streaming applications within the Olympic facilities during the next Olympic Games in Rio. According to IOC regulations, athletes and accredited personnel may record videos within the Olympic venues, but “for personal use only”, so “they should not be uploaded or shared on any website, blog, social media or photo sharing site and videos”. The organizers of the European Football Championship also want to avoid the use of these applications during the tournament and have agreed with the footballers on rules for the responsible use of social networks.

Applications to broadcast video from the mobile


Tool for photojournalists this app’s coverage of the 2012 bombing of the city of Homs in the Syrian civil war catapulted it to fame. Born in 2008 and based in Finland and Sweden, it has become the tool for amateur and professional photojournalists.


Live or previously recorded videos free application that allows you to broadcast live video or send other video clips that have been previously recorded to the chosen recipient, in addition to having access as a social network. The strong point of the application is its ease of use.


A sensation overshadowed by Twitter Meerkat became an overnight sensation after debuting in early 2015 with new functionality at the time. Soon Twitter blocked the access that spread their videos on their social network to favor Kktv01, which is owned by them.

Facebook Live

Accessible to everyone on the social network. Facebook last week improved its live video application, available to all users, to follow on the heels of Kktv01. Among other things, it allows you to broadcast live to social network groups or events on the agenda.


More than ten million users Supported by Twitter, the application have had a great progression. The equivalent of more than 110 years of live video is viewed every day on iOS and Android devices. Launched on the market in March 2015, in August it exceeded 10 million accounts.

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