How to Use WhatsApp web on Tablet, PC or Laptop?

It is very easy to use Whatsapp web and the users who do not know the steps for the same we have provided the steps for them in this blog which will be useful for you.  

Steps to Use Whatsapp Web on Tablet, Pc or Laptop – 

  1. For the first step the users need to launch Whatsapp app on your device and then click on the three dots on the screen and click on them to move to choose linked devices. 
  2. Now, in this step the users have to click on the option on link a device and then head to
  3. This link will work on any of the whatsapp browser you use and be it Chrome or Safari on any of the device you want to. 
  4. Now, you will be able to see a QR code on the tablet or the PC you are using, you need take your mobile phone camera to the QR code so that both the devices could be linked. 

If you do not have the whatsapp web then you need to go for WhatsApp web download and then execute all the steps to get all the steps which are provided for them. 

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