How to restore tabs on chrome: Review

You are happily browsing the internet on your Google Chrome browser with a number of tabs open when all of a sudden your computer or the browser crashes, erasing all of your tabs with it. I know it sounds scary, but what’s even scarier is that after restarting Chrome, the “restore” or “reopen the previous session” button is no longer visible. How do you behave?

Do not worry; we have a simple fix to recover crashed Chrome tabs. This will undoubtedly be of assistance to you whether you unintentionally closed the browser or it crashed.

You cannot restore tabs in Chrome after a crash, right? In this article, we’ll show you how to get Chrome’s tabs back. Many people who encounter this issue are unable to restore Chrome tabs.

After a restart, how do I get my closed tabs back in Chrome?

If the “restore” option is not highlighted below the address bar when you launch Chrome after it has been inadvertently closed, go to the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser.

Hover your cursor over “History” in the menu to find it. You’ll see a drop-down menu with all the tabs you’ve been using.
We had three tabs open when our browser crashed. The number of tabs you see on the drop-down menu in the image below will therefore depend on how many were open when the crash occurred.

The collection of tabs that were open prior to the crash will open when you click on “3 tabs,” saving you the time and effort of opening each tab individually.

Ctrl+Shift+T, which should function similarly and open the group of tabs that were closed during the crash, is the keyboard shortcut for accomplishing the same thing.

To disable incognito mode in Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Android, go here.

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Both the drop-down menu option and the shortcut won’t likely be visible to you if you used the browser to open a number of additional tabs after the crash.

You can only open the browser history at this point and search through it to locate the pertinent tabs that you want to reopen.

Since Chrome’s incognito mode doesn’t store local copies of your browsing history, it should go without saying that this process won’t work if you accidentally closed it or it crashed.

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