How Should You Fix QuickBooks Error 213? Follow The Pro Guide

There is a good possibility for the users to encounter a slip-up while they try and verify the corporate file data. This error is termed QuickBooks Error 213, displayed as “Error 213 Error: Verify Name list. Duplicate name encountered. Name: (filename). To fix, edit this element within the list and alter its name. Details: List: ‘(Name/Item),’ record name: List: record name:” Another situation during which the identical error can occur is while trying to backup or import the file. Reading this blog will facilitate your understand the explanations for the error and learn the troubleshooting.

If you’re unable to grasp any step or point within the blog or produce other confusion, then you ought to call the QuickBooks Tech Team at +1-855-856-0042, which provides the most effective guidance.

Why does Error 213 emerge in QuickBooks?

The moment you see the error, you want to be contemplating what this error is and why did you get this. To answer the question, we’ve provided an inventory of reasons. Have a look:

  1. One prior reason for the error 213 to emerge is double or duplicate entries within the QBWin.log file.
  2. some random errors or bugs within the system or program can ruin the entire functioning of the program.

These two reasons stand accountable for the glitch to occur. Once these are resolved, the user can obliterate the error itself.

Use these quick solutions to fix the QuickBooks error 6073

What is the foremost accurate method to resolve the verifying error?

To resolve the problem, you’ll check through the list of inactive items, rebuild your company file, and backup the corporate data.

Solution 1: Check the inactive items to search out the duplicate item

To fix the error, if you have got attempted to locate your duplicate file but couldn’t, then follow the steps given below. It happens because this duplicate isn’t a lively item anymore. that the item list of inactive items must be included while checking.

  1. Navigate to the Lists menu.
  2. Hit the choice of Item List.
  3. From the Item tab, tap on the drop-down arrow. Here, select Show Inactive Items.
  4. Now check if there’s any name showing the duplicate item; change or delete the name if you discover any.

To Edit the duplicate name found

  1. Open the list that has the name. Ex- Customer List, Vendor List, etc.
  2. Tap twice on the duplicate name to create the change either entirely or slightly, and tap OK. Repeat the method if there are more duplicate files.

When the name edits are complete, run the Verify Data Utility and see if there aren’t any more duplicate file names. If the error persists, execute QuickBooks Tool Hub to get rid of the error.

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This blog gives the infight on QuickBooks Error 213 to its readers. By the top of the blog, the user is ready to know the foundation explanation for the error and what wise steps must be taken by the user to possess the error resolved. just in case you continue to get the error, then you’re suggested to possess a word with highly experienced professionals of the QuickBooks Tech Team at +1-855-856-0042 to urge the foremost accurate and effective solutions.

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