How much do divorce lawyers charge in Huntsville?

There are two types of divorces in Alabama – Uncontested and contested. If you and your spouse both agree that the marriage is over and settle the major issues, you will have an uncontested divorce. Filing for an uncontested divorce in Huntsville is easy, and you can expect the process to get over in weeks. However, when you are bickering with your spouse about matters like child custody, child support, and asset division and there is no resolution in sight, you will have a contested divorce. Regardless of the circumstances, you should hire a Huntsville divorce lawyer. In this post, we are sharing more about the cost of lawyering up in the city.

Uncontested divorces are cheaper

When both parties have managed to resolve everything outside of court, the divorce lawyer has little to do apart from handling the paperwork and advising clients. Expectedly, lawyers charge a lot less for uncontested divorces. In most cases, it is a flat fee, including everything, barring the court filing fees. Many law firms in Huntsville have this arrangement, which is affordable and allows people to seek legal support for their divorces. If you are wondering if you need an attorney for an uncontested divorce, remember that minor issues in the documents can delay the process, and more importantly, you should still have an advocate.

The cost of a contested divorce lawyer

In a contested divorce, the separating couple doesn’t typically agree on one or more serious issues. It could be a matter related to parenting plans or division of assets. The divorce is likely to be contested when one spouse wants alimony, but the other refuses to give it. Just because yours is a contested divorce doesn’t mean it would end up in court. Out-of-court settlements and options like mediation may work. However, the work of an attorney increases manifold in such situations, and therefore, the fees tend to be higher.

For a contested divorce, an attorney will typically have a retainer fee along with an hourly fee. If the divorce drags on for years, you are likely to pay a lot more. The costs may vary, but experienced divorce lawyers can charge more than others. Complex divorces involve significant work, including negotiations, which add to the overall expenses.

Final word

Get a divorce lawyer as soon as you make up your mind. You can always meet them in person and discuss their fees and expenses in detail.

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