How do I get a TOGAF Certification?

Architects and IT professionals need to be able to simplify complex technical processes if they want to be considered for a promotion or a career advancement. Many organizations look for professionals with a TOGAF certification as this certification proves an individual’s knowledge of The Open Group Architecture Framework. Companies use this framework to design better plans for their IT architecture operations.

As businesses are evolving products for the market, they must develop the company from the inside. TOGAF makes it easier for organizations to build better IT infrastructure and grow the organization to meet the needs of customer demands better. In addition, the TOGAF training allows an individual to understand the requirements better and coordinate with various departments to create a design plan to build the IT infrastructure.

To be qualified in TOGAF, the individual must have the proper training. But there are so many online courses that it might confuse a person about where they should start.

So in this article, we will simplify the process for you and show you how to get TOGAF certification training.

Areas of TOGAF Training Specialization

A TOGAF certification training comprises four areas of specialization. These four different areas act as pillars of an IT system and are intended to get the most out of IT resources.

The four specialization areas are:

Business Architecture

Everything concerning business strategies and the smooth running of all business processes is the main focus of the business architecture. Additional responsibilities, such as governing a business and looking after the organizational roles, are also covered in the TOGAF certification.

Data Architecture

Structuring data assets and handling tasks associated with data management resources are part of the data architecture specialization. These data assets can contain local or physical data.

Applications Architecture

When dealing with individual systems, one can use the applications architecture domain as a blueprint for deployment. Therefore, you will find the application systems interactions here and their relationships to business processes.

Technical Architecture

Technical architecture or technology architecture describes the software, hardware, and network infrastructure needed to support mission-critical applications. So anything the business demands become the responsibility of technical architecture.

Levels in TOGAF Certification Training

Once you understand the specialization areas in the TOGAF training, it becomes easy to determine whether you are the right fit for this certification or not. It also becomes easier for you to understand where to start with TOGAF.

These are the different levels of certification in TOGAF:

TOGAF 9 Foundation

The TOGAF certification training has a basic course known as the TOGAF 9 foundation. This certification is also known as level 1 or part 1 in the TOGAF. As a foundation-level certification, it requires no previous knowledge or proof of experience in the field. Therefore, anyone with a basic bachelor’s degree can do this certification course and clear the examination.

There are 40 questions in the TOGAF 9 level 1 examination, and one has to answer at least 22 of them correctly to pass the exam.

TOGAF 9 Certified

The TOGAF 9 certified course is the level 2 or part 2 certification in the TOGAF training. You must do the foundation course to qualify for this level of certification. Skip the level 1 course before doing this by doing a certification that covers both levels in one. Combined training can replace the double effort of training twice.

The level 2 examination of TOGAF is a little harder to clear as you have to score a minimum of 60%. The test consists of 40 questions, and you must answer 24 correctly to reach 60%.

TOGAF Business Architecture

TOGAF business architecture certification is an advanced level of certification, and as a pre-requisite, an individual must have cleared the TOGAF 9 Certified examination. This certification is for professionals who already have the basic knowledge of TOGAF and want to advance in their careers.

This certification relates Business Modelling to Enterprise Architecture. This certification polishes your knowledge of business capabilities, business scenarios, and information mapping. These certifications have their levels, but to get the TOGAF business architecture certification, you must clear level 1 of the business architecture examination.

TOGAF Essentials 2018

In 2018, the TOGAF body of knowledge introduced a few changes, and those who understand these changes can quickly clear the TOGAF essentials 2018 examination. This examination requires you to complete at least 3 hours of training and then answer 20 multiple-choice questions as part of the training. In addition, and as a pre-requisite, you need to be TOGAF 9 Certified already.

Once the training is completed, the professional must take The Open Group online assessment to which they need to be invited. You will officially be certified with TOGAF essentials 2018 certification when you clear all the stages.

Why get the TOGAF certification?

If you are already a certified architect getting a TOGAF certification is highly beneficial. Here are all the best reasons you should get authorized with a TOGAF certification.

High demand

Identifying cost investment is one of the ways a TOGAF certification helps IT departments in various organizations. Due to this, many organizations highly demand professionals be certified with TOGAF.

Architecture communities

There are plenty of architecture communities out there on the internet. You get access to them after being certified in TOGAF, and you can also participate in highly intellectual conversions with them.

Higher salary

According to PayScale, professionals certified in TOGAF get an annual salary of $145k, which is higher than an average Enterprise architect who would only get $137k per year in the US.

Validation of your skills

The Open Group Architecture Framework is a well-recognized certification. Being certified in TOGAF increases your value as it provides proof that you understand TOGAF. Your skills are proven because of your credentials.

Cost effective

This certification not only improves your skills and adds value to your resume but also saves you money. The TOGAF certification cost is as low as $600. This fee includes your course fee, exam fee, and the cost of your study materials.


The best way to seek career advancement for anyone in the IT architectural field is to get the TOGAF certification training. Not only is this certification beneficial for personal growth and progress, but it also ensures that the company evolves from the inside.

To get the TOGAF certification training, one must start with the foundation-level certification. This certification is essential to get TOGAF 9 certified, but you can choose the combined certification course that covers both part 1 and part 2 of the certification, directly making you TOGAF 9 certified. If an individual wants to gain expertise in TOGAF, they can do other levels of certification such as business architecture or essential 2018.

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