The ICC World T20 is a relatively new format that was introduced in 2007. It was first played in that year. In general, the competition is competed in by the 10 ICC test teams in addition to a few lesser-known teams from the cricketing world. The tournament is expected to take place once every two years, and each event will take place at a different location.

South Africa was the host country for the event in 2007, and Sri Lanka was the location of the most recent competition, which took place in 2012. There have been a total of four tournaments up to this point, and the fifth tournament is scheduled to take place in the year 2014.

The majority of these T20 matches are played with the lights on, and the stadium is typically transformed into an entertainment event by the addition of cheerleaders, high-profile DJs, and a team of international commentators. These events are attended by a number of famous people from different parts of the world, and the after-parties garner a significant amount of attention from the media.

In 2014, the competition will take place during the months of March and April, which are simultaneously the height of summer in Bangladesh. The players should brace themselves for searing heat and high humidity, and the likelihood of a match being called off because of rain is exceedingly remote.


In cricket, there are three different types of matches: The format of the test match is played over the course of five days and provides each team with two innings. The One-Day International format consists of 50 overs played by each team. The Twenty20 format restricts each match to a maximum of 20 overs for each team. Because of this, the event is organized under what is known as the Twenty20 format.

The name “World Twenty20” comes from the fact that all members of the ICC take part in the competition and play against one another to see who comes out on top. As a result, it is played on a global scale, and all the nations in the world that play cricket take part. The eventual victor receives the title of World Twenty20 champion since, during the competition, they compete vigorously and are required to win on a constant basis in order to be the eventual champions.


India triumphed at the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 competition, which took place in South Africa in 2007 and was won by that country. The cricket-crazy nation of India was ecstatic to see their team win the world championship, and soon after, the Indian Premier League, which is India’s domestic version of the Twenty20 format, took center stage to become one of the richest leagues in the world. This was the exact push that the Twenty20 format needed, as the cricket-crazy nation of India was thrilled to see their team win.

Pakistan, who had previously finished in second place in the 2007 competition, prevailed to take first position in the 2009 tournament, which was held in England. The subsequent competition was held in 2010 in the West Indies, where England once again emerged victorious. The West Indies triumphed in the competition that took place in Sri Lanka in 2012 and went on to win the tournament overall. They will try to defend their title in Bangladesh during the 2014 season.

As the West Indies discovered in 2012, winning the ICC World Twenty20 not only offers a sense of accomplishment and joy to the players, but it also generates a significant amount of interest in the sport of cricket. After suffering from a slump that lasted for almost a decade, the Caribbean nation finally received the much-needed boost it required in the form of a triumph in 2012, which helped to revive enthusiasm all around the West Indies once again.


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