Here’s How to You Can Choose The Right Wi-Fi Extender Forthe Right Wi-Fi Extender for Your Home Place

There are times when your internet just doesn’t want to work as you expected. You experience issues with speed and connectivity and all of a sudden everything seems worthless. Well, the solution to internet speed is having a connection from a reliable internet provider.

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With that settled all you need to fix is coverage and signal issues. For that, we recommend you get use a Wi-Fi extender. As evident from the name, a Wi-Fi extender allows for amplifying incoming signals, spreading signals in almost every corner of your place.

However, you really need to evaluate your choices when it comes to finding the right Wi-Fi extender for your place. But don’t stress because we’ve got it covered. We’re listing some amazing ways that you can deploy for choosing a Wi-Fi extender for your home. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Type of Wi-Fi Extender

The first instance that you’ll face is with the type of Wi-Fi extender that you need. You’ll have to decide between the following choices:

  • Wi-Fi mesh (Wi-Fi repeaters)
  • Wired Wi-Fi extenders

The first kind makes it easier to connect to your router wirelessly. This makes it possible for you to formulate a wireless network. The reason why Wi-Fi mesh is called a Wi-Fi repeater is that it connects wirelessly to the router, repeating the signals and spreading them in your place.

On the other hand, the wired wireless extender, as evident from the name, is based on wire connections. The reason for this is that Wi-Fi repeaters consume almost 50% of the bandwidth for only communicating with the primary router.

Hence, you’ll experience reduced speed in places where you’re connecting with a Wi-Fi repeater. But with a wired connection, you can save your bandwidth and enjoy a strengthened network with good speed. 

Type of Connection

When it comes to using a wired Wi-Fi extender, you’ll need to decide on the type of wire to use for connection purposes. For starters, you can go for coax cable because it’s the most commonly used and gives reliable connectivity as well as good transfer speed.

In case you’re connected using a satellite internet provider, then it’s you need to assess whether using a wired connection is a good idea or not. However, what you can do is add powerlinePowerline adapters that will allow you to connect using the electrical cords of your place.

In this case, you’ll need to use a Wi-Fi repeater since when using a powerlinePowerline adapter will ensure wireless connectivity via electrical cords. Again, you’ll experience reduced bandwidth since the connection is formed via wireless signals.

Speed of the Extender

This is perhaps one of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing a Wi-Fi extender. Your Wi-Fi extender or booster should come with the latest Wi-Fi standards so that it can offer the right kind of speed.

For starters, it should be equipped with the latest 802.11ac standard, which is known to offer a 2.8 times faster connection speed than its ancestors. In case you’re wondering how much this is, it’s good enough to play online games as well as stream HD videos.

In case you have a Wi-Fi router that doesn’t support this standard, you can still go for a Wi-Fi repeater. Not only it’ll improve your Wi-Fi’s speed but will also boost the entire network. In other words, you can simply upgrade your network without having to replace your Wi-Fi router.

In terms of speed, it should be offering close to the original speed that you experienced with your Wi-Fi router. If that’s the case, then you’ve surely made a good decision.

Dual Band

We just mentioned how it’s important to have a solid Wi-Fi extender since you’ll be able to enjoy good speed and reliable connectivity. In doing so, you should have one that is equipped with dual-band technology.

Dual-band technology allows Wi-Fi extenders to change the frequencies on which signals are transmitted. From 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, you can find a good range of Wi-Fi extenders that come with this feature.

The reason why it’s important is that dual-band technology allows enjoying internet services in different settings. For instance, the 2.4 GHz allows better coverage whereas 5 GHz gives better speed, each can be used as needed. 

The point is to have multiple options and a good device at hand so that you won’t need additional equipment or devices for further needs. Apart from this, dual-band Wi-Fi extenders are easy to configure too, giving a smooth wireless experience.

Why Do You Need A Wi-Fi Extender?

Wi-Fi extenders are life-savers when it comes to creating a solid network for your place. They carry certain benefits, which is why you should invest in having one. Some of the reasons why you should get one are as follows:

  • Helps amplify signal spread in your place
  • Enhances coverage for the existing Wi-Fi router
  • An affordable way of upgrading your network
  • Ease of access for using Wi-Fi

Based on these, if you’re experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues in your place, reduced speed, or little or no coverage, then using a Wi-Fi extender is a must for you.

Closing Thoughts

Wi-Fi extenders are one of the easiest alternatives to creating a whole new network or even buying new routers for coverage. They’re cheap and come with compelling features that make it easier to enjoy good-speed internet. So, if you’re having troubles like insufficient signal coverage, then go get a Wi-Fi extender right away!

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