Here’s How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Script Error in no time

QuickBooks is the ultimate accounting tool, an absolute necessity for middle to small-sized businesses to carry out workplace tasks in an efficient and automated manner. With such an amazing toolset and dedicated customer support, it has been a top choice of industrial giants for quite some time now. However, it does face some errors like QuickBooks Script Error that need to be addressed simply for users. So, let’s talk about its solutions in this blog.

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What is the script error on QuickBooks Desktop?

The script error message states, QuickBooks: An error has occurred in the script on this page shows, and no information is present any further to trace the error’s existence. This is one of the reason by QuickBooks Script error is a tiresome task to solve.

What are the causes of the script error in QuickBooks?

There are roughly three causes of the QuickBooks Desktop script error. Here are them.

  1. It could happen while importing a dealing with an account that has not been created before the process.
  2. It could happen while importing a bill or invoice with an account different from the assets or accounts due.
  3. The error can arise if the said account name or number is already present.

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What are the possible solutions to remedy the script error on QuickBooks?

To fix the script error in QuickBooks Desktop, follow these solutions step-by-step.

Solution 1

  1. Use these steps if the error message pops-up while exporting the account dealings.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools.
  3. Choose Safety and select the Delete browsing history.
  4. While you are at it, delete the cookies and website data as well.
  5. Close the IE and open it again to start the procedure again.

Solution 2

  1. Use these steps if the error message pops-up while importing the account dealings.
  2. Open Internet Explorer and select Tools from the menu.
  3. Now select Internet Options and choose Advanced Tab.
  4. Un-check the box of Display a notification on every script error.
  5. Click OK to save the changes and reopen the IE to carry on with your procedures.

We would like to conclude this blog on QuickBooks Script Error here. We hope that the content of the post helps you to overcome the issue effectively, and you don’t have to face it in the near future. On a different note, if the mentioned solutions fail to do the trick, call on 1.855.738.2784 and get external support by talking to a QB expert.

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