Guided Written Meditation For Your Inner Child

Among the most important practices to achieve a state of absolute peace, guided written meditation stands out, especially when it comes to recognizing and reconciling with your inner child.

Achieving a full state of relaxation today is somewhat complicated to achieve, especially in these times, and being able to stop thinking about everything around us, leaving the body and mind is not always so simple. .

To do this, meditation has been developed as an ancient practice, which has gained popularity in recent decades, mostly in Western countries.

So, meditation has been considered by many as a way to reconnect with them, leaving aside the materialistic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat somehow govern the lives of the vast majority of citizens.

What has resulted in meditation being taken as one of the most effective practices to recover the essence of one and achieve inner peace, even with their inner child?

However, meditating is not that simple, fundamentally when you are just starting out in the practice, since it requires a lot of discipline, effort, and practice for its perfection and to take advantage of its many health benefits.

One of the most common reasons why people go to meditation is the need to heal the relationship with the inner child, recognize the needs and shortcomings of childhood so that little by little they can be satisfied.

And it is that the inner child is present in each one of the people and although it does not exist physically, nor is it possible to distinguish it completely from the adult, it has particular ways of behaving, since they are usually the basis of your relationships and thoughts.

Therefore, it is important that you recognize and reconcile with your inner child, once you achieve it you will be able to distinguish when a decision or reaction is made or carried out by your most mature thought.

When you do, you avoid any type of compulsive and untimely reaction, which are typical of the inner child.

And although many people are used to listening to audios to meditate on this, however, it is not always the best option, since audio waves can make relaxation difficult, or it is simply not always possible to listen to an audio out loud.

For example

It can be uncomfortable to listen to an audio in your house at night or if there are people who may be annoyed that you play an audio tape that is not of interest to them, while with a written meditation text this will not happen.

Quite the opposite of what written guided meditation is , which will allow you to achieve peace , reconciliation with your inner child and that state of tranquility that you need so much without disturbing others.

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