How to draw gospel fish step by step.

How to easily draw gospel fish with this video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Also read cute animal drawings

Step 1

The gospel fish lives underwater with its large wings pointing up and down! But start by pulling your head. First, make a small V shape on the side of his mouth. Below this, draw a large curve to form his chin. On his face, make a long straight forehead.

Step 2

In the center, draw a circle for her eyes! One ankle circle is in another, so make a small circle inside your drawn circle.

Step 3

Now we can draw our first big pin! Draw a large inverted V attached to the forehead of the gospel fish. Don’t be afraid to make small doodles.

Step 4

Now pull the belly a little for the fish. At the bottom of your little belly, give the gospel fish a long, slender wing that separates from the bottom! Make sure it bends slightly!

Step 5

Next, we will enlarge the lower wings! Make it V-shaped, like the wings above. Make sure the upper and lower wings do not touch each other, leave room for later incorporation of the wings!

Step 6

Now for the two curves, give your Angelfish a clear body! This can be done by adding two U-shapes. The upper right has a U-shape that is inclined, starting at about half the wings and ending at the back. The right-back is another inverted U-shape that starts halfway down the wing and points backward.

Step 7

Next, we breathe! It isn’t very easy, but it’s easy! The tail is like an umbrella on one side. Make sure it is curved upwards and downwards, with the curved shape of the wing followed by lines in the middle.

Step 8

We’re almost done! Now your angel needs a small fan in the middle of his body. If you have a problem, try pulling the hand with closed fingers.

Step 9

Finally, we will add stripes to our Angelfish! Gospel fish have stripes so they can blend in with tall sea urchins. Try to make the stripes look like grass threads! And now you’re done, and you can color your gospel fish.

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