Giving a piece of clothing to a woman: the pitfalls to avoid!

Giving a gift doesn’t have to be complicat. But if you like to live dangerously, and you are tire of offering him books, jewelry or gift cards. You can go to the next level, and try to offer her a piece of unstitched lawn … And there, it gets tough … Because ‘you really have to know your tastes, know what will or will not work with your figure, and not be wrong in size… So, how to offer a garment to a woman without going wrong?

Printed Lawn 2 Piece (Shirt/Dupatta)

Fortunately, there are a few brands that are safe bet when it comes to understated and chic women’s clothing. This is the case with House 123, which you may know by its old name, 1.2.3. Long dress, jacket, pretty sweater or even accessory, you should be able to find the happiness of the woman in your life to whom you are looking to live with!

Clothing gift: forget about online shopping!

It is because if you have decide to embark on the adventure of the gift that is worn, our first advice, c is to avoid buying from a brand you do not know! It might be pretty, but all the sites that sell you (cheap!) Merchandise made in China – even if it looks pretty in the photo! – have completely random size charts, and the quality of the fabrics is more than questionable. So, having tried to buy her a pretty dress is good, but offering her a synthetic dress that will be 2 sizes smaller, it is the guaranteed crisis…

Printed Lawn 3 Piece

If, on the other hand, your sweetheart / mom / sister is loyal to a particular brand, which she knows well, and where she always buys her jeans for example in the same size, online shopping is playable – but that means that you are paying attention to what she is wearing including lawn unstitched collection, or that you have made an in-depth investigation in her dressing room!

Some tips to help you, and pitfalls to avoid!

First criterion: the style of the garment. The question you should be able to answer right away is: What kind of clothes is she wearing including unstitched lawn? Chic and sober, colorful and ultra girly, and others… The answer to this question will help you choose an appropriate brand! Don’t buy her a Decathlon fleece if her favorite outfit is 3 pc unstitch lawn and colorful pumps…

Second criterion: its morphology. Sometimes (often in fact …) girls find a piece of clothing very beautiful, but do not buy it because it does not suit their body type. It might sound cloudy to you, but it’s actually super simple. We avoid capri pants and skirts / dresses below the knees for girls who have small legs and curved calves +, we avoid fabrics and tight cuts for the round ones, etc… And above all, we ask the salesperson for their opinion, even if it means showing up with a photo of their sweetheart (full-length – that is to say where we see her whole!) at the store – hence the usefulness to do your shopping in store!

Printed Lawn 2 Piece (Shirt/Dupatta)

Third criterion (which goes a little with the first): the size! Let’s say you’ve found the sign that looks great, and the perfect piece of clothing. Now you have to find the right size! To make a shortcut, if it’s too small, she’ll be big. If it’s too big, she’ll think YOU think it’s big … The line is fine, hence the risky aspect of the gift of clothing! Identify her size on MANY of her clothes including unstitched lawn in advance (a dress, pants, skirt). Even if it means taking one to the store to compare and make sure you should look good. Once again, salespeople will be your best allies.

Normally, when you open the package, she should look surprised. That it is a piece of clothing, and then if she finds it beautiful, she will look at you in awe, and if, once she tries it on. , it suits her perfectly; you will have scored 10,000 XP points all at once!

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