GeForce GTx

GeForce GTX 3060 Ti

The Best Bang For the Buck Graphics Card


GPU Ampere (GA104)GPU Cores 1:4864Boost Clock: 1,665 MHz Video RAM 8GB GDDR6 14 GbpsTDP 200 watts

Reasons to Buy

+ Beats the 2080 Super by $300 for $300 less

+ Best Overall Value (fpsor$)

+ Great to use RT for 1440p and DLSS

The reasons to stay clear of

SOLD OUT and currently priced too high

The -4K limit is quite a bit even with DLSS

8GB might not be sufficient VRAM for the long-term

Nvidia’s Ampere marches on with what may be the most powerful of the lot. The GeForce 3060 Ti RTX has all the features of the other 30 series GPUs that are available, starting at a cost of only $399. It is, in theory it is sold out as fast as the other graphics cards. The current average selling price on eBay is around 1,000 dollars, 2.5X the nominal MSRP.

The 3060 Ti finishes surpassing the 2080 Super in terms of performance, and it won every test we conducted. It’s also nine percent faster than 3070, and costs 20% less. If you’re still running an GTX series, or other similar graphics card, such as the GTX 1070, or RX Vega 56, the 3060 Ti is double the speed and sometimes even faster with the most current games.

The biggest issue is the absence of VRAM. 8GB is sufficient in the present, however, some games are pushing past that limit. Of course, you could lower the quality of your textures a bit but you may not notice that difference. But within you you’ll feel regret. (Not actually as high settings can look identical to Ultra settings.)

until AMD announces its next generation of RDNA2 cards and we’re expecting it to release in the beginning of 2020’s quarter. There’s nothing comparable to the 3060 Ti for anything near the $399 price tag. It’s 35-45 percent more efficient that the 2060 Super and 25-30 percent more efficient that its predecessor the RX 5700 XT and all at the same price. Buy Refurbished 4gb graphics card price online in India.

The main issue right now is getting any of the cards available for auction. The mining performance is pretty close to the 3070 (at most for models that aren’t LHR) and AMD’s most recent generation cards, meaning the prices can be double or triple the price of the official launch. Additionally, 8GB is unwieldy, given that the 1070 was equipped with that much memory just four years ago.

GeForce RTX 3070 GeForce

Excellent 1440p Performance


GPU Ampere (GA104)GPU Cores 5888 Boost Clock: 1,730 MHz Video RAM 8GB GDDR6 14GbpsTDP 220 watts

Reasons to Buy

+2080 Ti performance for only half the price

+ All Ampere enhancements

Not as powerful as 3080.

Reasons to avoid

– Totally sold out and/or expensive

Can’t play 4K ultra in certain games at 60 frames per second

8GB VRAM is stingy

The GeForce 3070 is the latest RTX model to continue the Ampere assault and the progression of new-generation architectures. It’s a significant improvement over the 3080 and comes with only a little less VRAM as AMD’s RX 6800 series cards. But, the 3070 is less expensive than AMD’s latest cards, and has better ray tracer performance as well as DLSS. 

It’s a shame that all 3070 cards are likely to be sold out for a long time. The brand new RTX 3070 Ti offers somewhat better performance for just 100 dollars more, but boosts power usage 30 percent, therfore we’d recommend staying with the non-Ti version at the moment.

The 3060 Ti’s price of $400 points is what makes the 3070 less appealing. It’s about 10-12 percent quicker however it costs 25 percent more at the very least in theory. In actual use the market, on eBay the 3070 was averaging $1,175 in the last month, which is approximately $175 more than 3060 Ti. 

If you take into account the other components of your gaming PC the extra $100 to $175 will not be a huge issue. For gaming PCs that are brand new don’t purchase any item today that is priced at $300 or more, unless you’re featuring an Ampere or Big Navi GPU.We have a few reservations, however.

While gaming at 1440p and 4K are both feasible, 4K gaming at the highest quality is often below 60 frames per second. DLSS could fix that when the game supports it, but ray-tracing even with DLSS usually means 40-50 frames in 4K. Also, we’re concerned about the 8GB of GDDR6. This isn’t just less memory , but it’s on a smaller bus than the 3080, but it’s also slightly slower. 

There have been a handful of games in which 8GB seems to feel a little limited in high-end games and that’s going to increase in the coming years. AMD’s decision to add 16GB of memory on their Navi 21 GPUs has made Nvidia’s 8GB look worse. Nvidia has put 12GB of memory on the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti, which makes the 8GB of both the 3070 and the 3060 look more problematic.

If you’re looking for a speedy Nvidia GPU for the lowest cost the 3060 Ti gets the thumbs up. If you are able to shell out an additional $100 then the 3070 is a good upgrade. It will result in an additional $100 to purchase the 3070 Ti which is why not go for the 3080? It’s the best overall card in the end. 

This is why it’s difficult to look at more expensive cards along with the principle of decreasing returns. In the meantime, if you’ve always dreamed of to own an RTX 2080 Ti, but were unable to justify the expense The price is (sort of) cut in half.

AMD Radeon RX 6700XT

AMD Radeon 6700 XT benchmark design (Image source: Tom’s Hardware)

Radeon RX 6700 XT

A Good Graphics Card 1440p. Lower Price


GPU: Navi 22 GPU Cores 2560Boost Clock: 2581 MHz Video RAM 12GB GDDR6 16 GbpsTDP: 220 Watts

Reasons to Buy

Good 1440p performance

Plus plenty of VRAM

+ Close to the 3070 mark in non-RT

Reasons to avoid

Out of stock as everything else

Medium-to-low performance in RT

-FSR can’t defeat DLSS

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Begin beginning with Navi 21 GPU and then take the various functional components to make smaller components that are able to sell for less and AMD’s Navi 22 and the RX 6700 XT. It’s got the same number of GPU cores as the prior model RX 5700 XT but much faster rates of clock speed as well as more cache gives approximately a 25% increase in performance (at higher resolutions and settings at the very least). Check out ddr3 4gb ram price online in India.

AMD’s RX 6700 XT delivers some of the most powerful clock speeds we’ve experienced on the GPU which can increase to 2.5GHz and much more when gaming and that’s just when it’s in stock, for the benchmark card.

After some tweaking and overclocking we were capable of reaching speeds of 2.7-2.8GHz and still not overheating the GPU. This is quite impressive, even though we’re not happy that it only has 2 560 GPU cores.

In our tests of performance our tests showed that the RX 6700 XT is in competition against its predecessors, the RTX 3070 as well as the RTX 3060 Ti. It’s slightly more efficient than the latter but a little more sluggish than its predecessor which is why the initial price of $479 is a good value. However, 

if you include the majority of games that use DLSS (or ray-tracing) the 6700XT will start to look more similar to a competitor for the 3060 Ti.

The problem is same as every other thing. Similar to other GPUs that are available, this RX 6700 XT quickly sells out, often at high price. At present, the card sells at around $900 on the auction site. This is more than of the 3060 Ti and 3070 at the very least, but it’s far more than we’d advise purchasing what would be a high-end $500 card.

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