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Fascinating Facts: About The Future Of Digital Marketing

It is a known fact that digital marketing is a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry with a high employment rate. With new trends that keep the industry growing, what one needs is a bit of interest to get started in the niche. 

To feed your curiosity, we have decided to share with you a few digital marketing facts that will get you enrolled in digital marketing classes in Kolhapur now. So, without further ado, let us begin. 

Mind-boggling Facts That Show What The Future Holds For Digital Marketing:

Digital presence is one of the major significant factors to future proof any business online. However, to understand these facts as well as plans, you need to strategize each move. 

  • Combining videos with full-page ads will increase the engagement rate by a high percentage:

Text-based advertisements are somewhat popular but it is not extremely effective in capturing attention. Therefore, what people do is find video-based content that is more attractive than other types of content. 

By combining the videos with texts you will enrich the content. It will assist in relaying your idea to the audience in a coherent manner. 

  • Sources have revealed that 64% of users click on Google Ads while making purchases online: 

PPC ads tend to drive instant results for making businesses in this particular niche. The marketers however should understand that not many consumers tend to buy using Google Ads. 

You may generate the leads that may lead to purchases, however, it depends on the psychology of the user. Nonetheless, the lead may convert high revenue using these Google Ads.  

  •  Search engine generated almost all the online interactions:

If you invest your time in search engine optimization, then consider yourself becoming a pro. It is one of the best practices that anyone wanting to thrive in the field can follow. 

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Reports have showcased that 93% of online engagements have started with search engines. So, as a digital marketer, it is important to rank the company on Google as well as other search engine platforms. 

  • Many consumers don’t prefer seeing pop-up ads:

A study has shown that a high percentage of consumers do not encourage seeing pop-up ads. The report has accounted that at least 73% of the consumers close or tend to ignore the pop-up ads. 

Pop-up ads have become an annoyance to many as they disrupt the flow of their functionality. 

The nature of such an ad is highly promotional. So, as a result, one may find it annoying. However, contemporary practitioners believe that this trend may not last long. 

To know more about such trends, you may enroll in digital marketing classes in Kolhapur. 

  • Social media platforms are the future of digital marketing:

Statistics have shown that streaming video content and keeping yourself engaged in social media are popular among consumers. 

Online users watch about 500 Million hours of videos every day online. So, you can use this information to advertise your business to reach a wider audience. 

Ending note:

Everything sells online. Starting from concepts to products. What you need are knowledge and skills to make the most of digital marketing. Get yourself enrolled in a digital marketing course in Kolhapur to reach new heights of success. 

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