Fascinating Characteristics of Kratom and Its Mysteries

Why is everybody talking about kratom? There is cannabis and other exotic botanicals to talk about. Yet, it seems like the spotlight is on kratom. There has to be something different in this herb that’s catching all the attention, right? 

Knowing kratom 

Kratom is an evergreen tree that grows in the humid tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is closely related to the coffee family. 

Scientific name of kratom is: Mitragyna speciosa. 

So, what has a tree that grows in Asian land got to do in America? 

You wouldn’t believe it, but kratom products like Tropical Kratom Gummies are selling like hotcakes in many states of the US! 

Kratom characteristics 

A few characteristics of kratom make it a favorite of people. For example, the herb can give you a high just like an opioid drug. But kratom is no drug! This, despite the fact that it targets the same opioid receptors of your brain that opioid drugs target! 

See, isn’t this a fascinating fact, enough to make you want to try kratom? 

For those who haven’t tried this herb yet, please be careful. The herb that gives you a high can also make you feel drowsy when taken in high doses. 

So here’s another interesting characteristic of kratom. 

And before you jump at the very first vendor that comes across online, please ensure you are dealing with authentic vendors only. Search for “kratom shop near me”. You can’t take risk on a herb that is still a research agenda of experts. 

Kratom doses

This is yet another puzzling matter. So far, researchers haven’t been able to fix one dose that suits all. In fact, it seems like with kratom there is no such dose. Every user must fix their own dose, the amount that suits their body. 

The dose depends on:

  • Your body composition and size. Petite people must start with less than 1 gram. 
  • Your age. The elderly should be more careful with this herb. 
  • Reason for taking kratom. This is because the same herb produces different effects in different doses. Do you want kratom for energy or for sleep? In each case, the dose differs. 
  • Your metabolism. If your metabolic rate is high, your body can flush out kratom quicker and you come clean within a few hours. Those with slow metabolism must be careful. 
  • Your body’s response. It is found that kratom does not suit everybody. Also, kratom may not suit everybody on an empty stomach. Some are fine with taking kratom with a light meal. Do what’s best for you. 
  • Form of kratom. For example, kratom gummies are more concentrated in dose than powder. Gummies contain kratom extract, which is a concentrated form of alkaloids. 


Researchers are still scratching their heads trying to decode kratom’s behavior. They have managed to learn about its alkaloids, but, barring a few, most of the alkaloids are still a mystery. Experts don’t know how they interact with the human body and whether they interact at all. 

Meanwhile, you can enjoy your kratom in Colorado. Buy from a certified vendor and use it in small doses. 

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