Evaluation of sporting events

Make sure that alcoholic beverages are not sold or distributed in stadiums, sports facilities or fitness facilities. However, in the case of an approved sports group, an exemption may be sought from the mayor for the sale of beverages in the second and third groups at a temperature of at least 11 degrees (wine, beer, cider, etc.) for 48 hours. borders. I can do it. 10 year events.

Report class security and availability

 An advisory board that has approved more than 1,500 people (spectators, organizers, performers) for the event’s public spaces (ERP).

If the event is held on public roads or the ERP receives less than 1,500 people, notify the municipality or the Inter-municipal Safety and Accessibility Committee. The committee will review the documents and carry out a fact-finding visit before issuing an opinion. Please note that the Committee on Security and Accessibility also visits partially accessible areas.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you create a backup plan.

 This will allow the identification of the necessary human and physical resources, the setting up of alert procedures, as well as the entry routes, emergency exits and evacuation procedures reserved for emergency services. You can also ask the municipal safety authority for installation. Contact information for the Department of Land and Maritime Affairs (DDTM) and the Embassy of the Sea and Coast (DML) can be found on the Ministry’s website.

Council, Council

Many other areas may be subject to 스포츠중계 activities. There are several laws and regulations, and the quality of the organizer may be your responsibility.

If you plan to host any sporting event, please contact your local authorized sports association to find out the technical rules and permits to be considered. In fact, there are many special cases. The statement files include the organizers, the course of events, restricted routes, ships, number of participants, type of navigation (crew, separate), control and safety measures, communication with CROSS and environmental impact assessment.

You must also prove that you comply with the rules of the insurance and licensed sports club. The competent authority examining the notification may impose special conditions to acknowledge receipt. We may also prohibit or suspend research activities if there is a risk to humans or the environment.

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