Dubai Desert Safari Traditions

Dubai is a very modern, cosmopolitan city, and it is known for its glamorous shopping malls and skyscrapers. But there remains an old part of town, and even in the new features, one can find traces of tradition everywhere. So, One of the most common examples is the Dubai Desert safari, which gives traditional and modern vibes.

Early Days

Dubai has always been a traditional society. The people here lived off the sea and were farmers before the British turned it into a trading hub. So, From all over the place, traders came to this place where they could set up shop with no taxes or other restrictions, ensuring that business was conducted freely.


Dubai started as just two fishing villages but has grown to be one of the most important cities in Middle East countries. This isn’t because of oil alone but also the long-established trading links. Even now, trade is the number one industry in Dubai, and there are so many products that come to market here, including their famous dates, which are exported worldwide. The people of Dubai love to shop and always wear traditional dress for special occasions like weddings or Eid.

Desert safari Dubai

Daily Life

The culture of this place is best described as Arab Bedouin. The men wear long cotton tunics made out of a white fabric called dishdashas. They often wear a small round cap called kaffiyeh (keffiyeh) on their heads which keeps them cool during the summer months. Some might also choose to wear thobes instead of dishdasha, especially when praying at the mosque. Women wear abayas and hijabs. They also love to dress up in their finest clothes on special occasions.


The staple food of Dubai is rice and fish, and it is eaten with a spiced sauce called marak, which consists of tomatoes, capsicum, garlic, chili peppers, and other spices. Dishes are usually spicy, but some people eat them without the marak. Dubai has many restaurants, including Indian, African, French, Spanish, etc. There are also traditional Arab cafes where they serve shisha (hookah, or hubble-bubble), smoked through a pipe.

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Top traditional places to visit in Dubai

Al Bastakiya

It was built around 1890; this area has been put under protection by UNESCO. It was once the heart of business activity, but today only some merchants remain. The place looks like an old souq (market) with narrow streets lined up with wooden doors which are painted blue. There are also shops here that sell traditional clothes for men and women and silver jewelry crafted by local artisans.

Jumeirah Mosque

This mosque is considered to be among the world’s most beautiful mosques. It was built in the same style as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain.

Jumeirah Beach

This is one of Dubai’s best-known beaches, and it stretches out along the Jumeirah coastline. Many people visit here to swim, snorkel, ride on camels or relax under umbrellas while drinking their favorite drink at the cafes lining the beach.

Al Qurm Park

Located right by Jumeirah Beach, this park offers a quiet escape from busy city life with its kilometer-long sandy beach with clean water ideal for swimming. One can also go whale watching here if they are lucky enough to spot these majestic creatures which come to this area around wintertime.

Burj Al Arab

It was built in 1998. This is a 7-star hotel shaped like a ship’s sail and has become a symbol of Dubai. This 147-meter tower has 29 stories and offers spectacular views from the top and unique suites to sleep under the stars.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

A replica of an old Arabian souq was created in 2004 by reconstructing an old fort in traditional style. One can see many souqs in Dubai, but this place is unique because it also houses restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops within its walls.

Desert safari Dubai

This is an experience that one must not miss when in Dubai. Many companies offer safari tours through the desert to ride camels, eat local food, and dance to traditional tunes. Dubai Desert safari is an interesting activity of everyday life in Dubai in a very different style.

Final Words

Dubai, the city of luxury, offers a glimpse into the lives of rich people with its modernity which is mixed with strict adherence to culture and tradition. Traditional life in Dubai can be seen through places that have been preserved for generations now and their cuisine.

Travelers can enjoy many outdoor activities here or relax on one of the beautiful beaches along the coastline. Along with Dubai desert safari, modern skyscrapers are also among Dubai’s top attractions since it has become an icon of wealth.

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