Driving in Florida for the First Time? Keep These Guidelines in Mind!

Florida is home to bustling cities like Miami that boast of vibrancy. There are shopping locations, business districts, and tourist attractions, making it one of the busiest places in The United States. Motorists are always in a tearing hurry to reach their destinations. If you have decided to opt for an exotic car rental in South Beach, FL, for self-drive vehicles, steering clear of erratic drivers and watching out for pedestrians would be extremely important once you hit the road. We provide some more tips that can be of help when you are driving for the first time. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Driving in Florida

  1. Assumptions can be Deadly: Traffic congestion here is just like any other metropolis. Vehicles run extremely close to each other. Pedestrians, bikers, and cyclists make the experience a fairly challenging one. When you choose to rent a Lamborghini in Miami or an exotic make of similar order, keeping it safe from traffic violation becomes of paramount importance. Learn how to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and communicate effectively with pedestrians. Sharing the same lane as two-wheelers is a bad idea. 
  2. Give the Rush Hour a Miss: If it’s a long drive ahead, try and start early to avoid the early morning rush. The major city roads become congested really early on in the day. Lane switching and over-speeding become the order of the day once traffic picks up. It is best to cross the busiest junctions before 10 am. 
  3. Stick to the Right Lane: You might have opted for the swankiest model from among the best exotic car rentals in Miami, but keeping it safe while you drive through the busy streets may be a challenge, especially if you are new to the city. You may witness sports cars zipping past. Although they should be cruising along the left lane, never assume that they actually will. Simply assure your own safety by sticking to the right lane. This is where you are not likely to be disturbed by any rowdy driving. Just drive safe and enjoy cool breezes as you savor the cityscape. 
  4. Always Watch Out for Crosswalks: When you are driving Downtown always lookout for crosswalks. These are zones specified for cyclists and pedestrians. You need to stop dutifully and allow them to take their time to cross busy roads. Respect traffic lights and never go against rules. 
  5. Lookout for Ride Sharing Taxis and Vehicles: Owing to the huge influx of tourists here, ride-sharing vehicles are common. They tend to stop abruptly without prior caution, picking up and dropping passengers here and there. For someone who is driving on these roads for the first time, dealing with such disruptions can be problematic. One needs to keep his eyes open and look out for any such sudden change in traffic flow. 

Holidays are too precious to be disrupted by accidents or unhappy consequences of road mishaps. The nearest exotic car rentals may offer you the classiest rides. Ensuring success with them is your responsibility. Drive safe, follow rules and have a happy holiday! 

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