It’s moreover perhaps the most famous journey offered and it has a titanic interest too. I trust you will be more fascinated to know the camping area and experience something practically the same. Here I will help you with certain information about Sar Pass Trek and deal with my experience all through. Permit us to start our journey! 

About Sar Pass 

Sar in neighborhood language connotes Lake. There are a lot of Passes in the Himalayan scopes. Basically, a Mountain Pass is just a safe substitute way through mountain ranges or edges used by the local people to trade or move to the nearby towns. Sar Pass is one such pass used by the close by people from a prior time. As of now, this has become a way for travelers in the Parvati valley. Sar Pass offers a by and large great view and the ways are glad to eyes. 

Fundamental Information about the Sar Pass Trek 

Stature: 13,800 ft from sea level. 

Inconvenience Grade: Moderate. 

Significant stretches of Trex Per Day: 6-7 hours. 

Central command: Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India. 

Number of Days: 10 Nights/11 Days (Based on the Organizer 2 or 3 days can be diminished). 

Best Time: May-June. 

Notwithstanding the way that the trip experiences have been assessed with Moderate difficulty, from my experience I had seen this journey ought to be conceivable even by a fledgling. All 15 colleagues journeyed to Sar Pass in the year 2017 and our social occasion completed the trip with no trouble. Our social affair had a fit of rage and some tantrum people, who did some essential activities before the journey for a month, completed it. 

Moreover, I really want to say when we were on our journey, we encountered 87-year-old honorable men traveling Sar Pass (He was not allowed to the most elevated point, while he returned back from the third setting up camp region). Along these lines, age doesn’t have any effect on the off chance that you are fit and fine with an uplifting perspective. 

I favor Jannattrips for the Sar Pass journey on account of various reasons and I had recorded the legitimations why one ought to consider traveling with Jannattrips. Saving for the Jannattrips Sar Pass journey starts around October or November with 50-60 spaces every day. To book for the trip you can look out for this space consistently. 

Sar Pass Trek Location 

The extremely sumptuous Sar pass journey has a moderate distance spreading over around 48kms making it an exceptionally broad one. Anyway it might have all the earmarks of being a beast journey it’s not, the trip is overflowing with the unmatched examination and surprising scenes. 

Sar pass journey the whole distance is really protecting one to its predefined distance. The trip is having many extremely astonishing and exceptionally superb sightings which makes it for certain an ideal one to the extent the movement business and traveling reasons. 

Sar Pass journey Weather and Temperature 


Sar Pass journey falls in that carton of multi-dimensional voyager complaints which have all-around features and the shocking balance which makes it truly engaging. The environment is a pretty supporting one to go for journeying and examination works out. 

The environment at Sar pass journey having its own wine which makes it a seriously engaging and extremely staggering thing. Sar pass journey environment gives a significantly further developed perspective and the extremely magnificent experience which merits every penny spent and its truly improving one to have. 


Sar pass journey as such having the most confident temperature which suits it immaculately. Sar pass journey temperature lies between 10-20 degrees on commonplace brilliant days making it far empowering. 

The temperature reliably has a more conspicuous impact with respect to the movement business and here the temperature has a more noteworthy effect on attracting travelers. 

Best Time For Sar Pass Trek 

An ideal chance to go for Sar pass Trek is furthermore one of its highlights and it truly legitimizes the title of the component as such it falls during the get-aways making it extensively really beguiling. 

The Best time starts in the extended length of April and the season shut in the time of October making it an ideal excursion objective to get free and strengthened. The real months portray the record of pleasure and the interesting energies which make any voyager site euphoric and ardent.

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