Canon Printer Offline – learn to fix it!

Is your canon printer offline? Go through our simplified guide and learn how to resolve the issue without professional help.

A printer issue is very common. One of those common errors is the canon printer offline error. Every day, several printer users come across the error. Thus, you should know how to fix the error with DIY solutions. 

Therefore, we bring you this guide to help you resolve the error instantly.

Why Canon Printer Offline issue occur?

  • One of the significant and most prevalent causes of the Canon printer says offline is network fault. It can be a weak network, interrupted network, or no network at all. 
  • Second, the issue may occur when the option “use printer offline” mode is enabled. The following option enabled may restrict the printing job and show your canon printer offline. 
  • Third, check whether the printer drivers installed are updated or not. An outdated printer drive also causes such an error. 
  • Some miscellaneous issues like paper jamming, a problem with a USB cable, or technical error (printer spooler) may also cause printer offline error. 

How to Fix the Canon Printer Offline Issue? 

Many times, standard solutions fix issues like the canon printer says offline. Hence, let’s start with a basic connection and then move to technical solutions. 

To treat any problem permanently, you need to know what are the causes of it. First, to find a suitable solution and second to keep it as a precautionary measure. 

First, we will also understand what causes my canon printer offline issue. Once done, we will proceed with the solutions. 

Reconnect Device With Wireless Network

Do you receive the “canon printer is offline” message on your windows screen? Try reconnecting the wireless network. 

  • Press and hold the wifi button loaded on your canon printer. 
  • Release the button only when the light begins to blink.
  • When the blue light on your printer starts repeatedly blinking, press the WPS button of your router. 
  • Wait until the available network list appears and connects automatically. 
  • The blue light will stay on as soon as the device gets connected to the network. 

Check Printer Settings

If your printer settings are misconfigured, an error the canon printer says offline may occur. Therefore, let’s get into the printer’s default settings to fix what’s wrong. 

Default printer settings 

  • Head to the start button, search, and open the Control panel.
  • Then, select the option Devices and Printers. 
  • Right-click on your printer from the list of printers available on the screen. 
  • And, choose the option ‘Set as default.’
  • If you see a green mark, your printer has been set to the default printer. 

Disable Printer offline mode

  • Restart your canon printer.
  • Press Windows + R keys to launch the run dialog box on your computer.
  • Type control panel and hit the enter button.
  • Then, select the option Devices and Printers.
  • Here you will see your printer name. First, check if it’s set as default. Then right-click on the printer.  
  • And, select ‘See what’s printing.’
  • Now, click on the option Printer.
  • Check if the option ‘use printer offline’ is check marked. If yes, uncheck it, and your printer will go back to online status. 

Turn On Printer Spooler Service

To confirm that your printer spooler services are turned on, follow the instructions mentioned below: 

  • Press Windows + R keys on the keyboard to launch the run dialog box. 
  • Type’ services.msc’ and hit the enter button. 
  • Now, from the services window, locate the printer spooler.
  • Once the spooler is located, check if it is running mode. 
  • If the status is not in running mode, right-click on the printer spooler to select the start option. 
  • Next, restart the printer spooler service. 
    • Right-click on the printer spooler.
    • Select Restart.
  • Close the properties windows and check the printer status. 
  • The printer status should be online now. 

Update Printer Drivers

If your printer driver is not up-to-date, the error canon printer is offline may appear. Thus, first, check the driver status, and if found outdated, follow these instructions mentioned below: 

  • Click on the start button and launch the run dialog box. 
  • Type’ devmgmt.msc’ and hit the enter button.
  • A new window Device Manager will appear.
  • Now, tap on the option print queue to expand it and find your printer. 
  • Right-click on your printer and select Update Driver from the menu.
  • After that, tap on the option ‘Search Automatically’ to update the printer driver. 
  • Once done, reboot your system.

Summing up: 

The following solution provided the troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem. Hence, we hope that the issue of the offline canon printer is resolved. Further, if the issue of a canon printer offline still appears or you face any other printer problem, contact a printer professional.

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