Canon Printer Error 5b00 With The Quickest Solutions

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The error code 5b00 occurs quite often on Canon printers. When you try to print a document with the printer on, you will first notice it turning on.

However, scanning or printing is not possible. Although the lamp flashes green and orange several times a row, this article will be of assistance. canon support code 5b00 Below are some solutions to the problem. To avoid any problems, make sure you follow these steps.

What should I do if my Canon printer gives me an error 5b00

1. Reset the waste-ink counter

  1. First, disconnect the power and the USB cables.
  2. Press down on the Powerbutton and open the cartridge door.
  3. While plugging the power cord into a wall socket, continue to hold down the Power button.
  4. Continue holding down the Power button until your printer begins to resetitself.
  5. You can release it once all the lights have been turned on.
  6. Wait for the red power light turn off.
  7. Next, quickly release the Power button two more times .
  8. After blinking for a few seconds, the green light should stop flashing and then stabilize.
  9. Close the cartridge door to print again.

Ink spillages on your printer in Windows 10 are often the cause of the 5b00 error. This applies to full ink absorbers or full waste ink counters.

This quick-fix can be used to remove any error codes that might appear when you turn on the printer.

You can also take a look at our comprehensive guide to help you remove the printer from Windows 10.

2. Manually clean the waste ink pad

  1. Open the ink cartridge box. This compartment may be located in the front or back depending on which Canon model you are using.
  2. Wait for ink cartridges movement to complete.
  3. Next, unplug the power cable from your printer.
  4. A row of white rollers is hidden behind the cartridge. You will find a small area near the roller that looks similar to a foam pad.
  5. Pull gently on the rubber frame to remove the waste ink absorber .
  6. Use a paper towel to clean it. You should collect any ink on the paper towels.
  7. All cartridges should be returned to their original places.
  8. Install the frame again in the printer.
  9. Now, press and hold the Powerbutton. Reconnect the power cord.
  10. Release the button when the printer turns on.
  11. Give it five seconds, then push the Power button once more. This will reset the printer’s internal memory, and override the 5b00 error codes.

If the problem persists, you can try the steps above to resolve it. The printer will inform you if the waste ink pads become saturated. Don’t panic, a manual clean can often work like a charm.

A bucket of soapy hot water may be used. Be sure to allow the ink to soak for a long time before you attach the foam pads again and then reattach them.

3. There are other solutions

This error can often be caused by a dirty print head. Make sure you check your print head regularly and ensure it is clean.

You should also check the level of ink in the system. You have no choice but to fill the system to its maximum capacity if the ink level is low. Continue troubleshooting by setting your printer back to factory settings. You can find the best Canon ink supplies at the lowest prices by checking out the Amazon deals.

These are just a few ways to fix Canon printer error 5b00. Follow the steps above and let us know how they worked for your printer. You can also leave suggestions or questions in the comments section below.

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