Body Butters Or Lotions, Choosing the Right One For You

Based on my experience in the production of body butter and Best Smelling Body Lotion I depend on each of them for different purposes. My clients ask, what is the difference between the two and when should I use one instead of the other? Do you really care what you use or what’s on the shelf? The body butters I make contain this, mango, avocado or cocoa butter. I also add jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. One of the ingredients that is not used by all body butter producers is beeswax.

I like wax. This not only makes the butter rich, thick and creamy, but also increases the moisturizing properties of the oil. I buy my wax from a beekeeper, but if you can’t find beekeepers, the internet is full of beeswax. Although I prefer fresh wax. You can smell the sweet honey with fresh beeswax. It is not refined and refined, and as it requires only a small amount, it is worth taking the time and expense to add body butter. Wax, I buy in a very hard and hard piece. You will have to deduct the required amount, but, as I said, it is a very small amount.

Mixing butters like mango and this butter balances body butter. You don’t want greasy porridge just sitting on your skin. You want body butter to soak into your skin and provide the moisturizing and protective barrier benefits it should provide. Not everyone has the same skin, so combining different types of butter makes the end product more beneficial to a larger group of people. Oils such as olive, jojoba or sweet almond oils give butter their properties. You can mix coconut oil instead of olives, but again be very careful with the measurements, because coconut oil can dry out for some skin types. The oils are not as hard as this or mango butter. Therefore, the final product will be smooth and creamy and will melt when it comes in contact with your fingers or skin.

How is body butter produced? Measure the butter and oil into a small saucepan, add the beeswax and melt together in a very low setting. If you want, you can add flavor to melted butter, oil and beeswax, but you don’t need to. The sweet wax gives a really gentle aroma, but if you like the aroma, the mixture is easy to mix.

Remove the pan from the heat and continue to stir until the body butter begins to thicken, you will see a change in color from clear amber to opaque.

The prepared butter is poured into a bowl or bowl and ready.

So what is the difference between body butter and body lotion?

The body lotion is prepared by removing beeswax and mixing a liquid such as distilled water and emulsifying wax with melted oil and butter. Well, it’s starting to look complicated; You remove one component and add two. It’s not complicated at all. Melt oil and butter in a small saucepan over very low heat. In the meantime, measure the liquid and add the correct amount of emulsifying wax and heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes until the emulsified wax melts. You may want to add 1 teaspoon of citric acid or citric acid to make the lotion last longer. (Remember, this is completely natural and does not include all the “things” and lotions you buy in the store that should keep buttermilk for years.)

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