Billable Hours and ways to maximizing them with Cloud Hosting

Business owners hire accountants to manage the numbers in their business and efficiently handle their finances. QuickBooks, in its native form installed locally, has set forward certain drawbacks. Now that each business is competing to take the forward seat, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting has worked on to help accomplish businesses the same. The issues that come up with localization of the data is related to hardware and the IT infrastructure attached to it.

Cloud Technology works to take away the burden of hardware setup from accounting firms so that they can simply concentrate on their work. We list down 5 ways in which you can increase billable hours with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting and hence concentrate on your niche. Follow through the blog and get an answer to why accounting firms, CPAs, and businesses are shifting to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. To keep up with the market, dial 1.855.738.2784 and talk to Intuit authorized hosting providers.

An Overview into Billable and Non-Billable Hours

The term billable and non-billable hours will be commonly heard with accounting or law firms. The difference between the two is actually stated by the words itself. Billable Hours is the time the accountants spend to work on their client’s data. These hours are paid to the accountants. It is always essential to increase billable hours and spend time productively. The way to do that with affordable cloud hosting shall be discussed next in this article.

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5 Ways to Increase Billable Hours of Accounting Firms with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

When you go through these 5 Ways to Increase Billable Hours with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting you will notice the key is least nuisance increase billable hours. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting handles these hassles and provide easy solutions to maximize billable hours for accounting firms.

1. Mobility with QuickBooks Remote Hosting

When a business hires accounting firms or CPAs, they want them just a call away. Talking in practical terms, it isn’t always possible as they have professional and personal tasks to be accomplished. In addition, a lot of time is spent commuting and other non-work related tasks. With QuickBooks Desktop, the users are bound to work only on their local machine, which reduces the billable hours. Moreover, spending extra hours in the office is not feasible.

2. Real-time tracking

Accounting tasks that consumed a lot of manpower, and paperwork has no become dependent on applications such as QuickBooks. QuickBooks hosts features that are able to provide the users incomparable task accomplishment in the market. Yet, QB Desktop keeps the data localized, and for accountants to work or for business owners to track work, they need to be in front of the PC. The unavailability of QuickBooks software and data due to any reason can result in loss of productivity and, hence, billing hours.

QuickBooks Hosting overpowers these issues, and the owners can have a look at the tasks that are being done by their accountants. The accountants at the same time can work remotely as per the need from both parties and increase billable hours.

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3. Customer Support

Issues and errors with operating systems or hard drives do not come with a warning. Now imagine all your data on your PC, and it crashes. Either you have to bear the loss or your IT team has to work on the recovery. This requires additional infrastructure and more employees. Deploying an IT team calls for a significant amount of time and effort on your end. The billable hours that could have been spent on something productive would end into worrying about all the above challenges.

4. Add-ons

Carrying out accounting tasks is the basic function of any accounting software. It is the add-on/complimentary features that makes it stand in the market. Add-ons increase the functionality and get more tasks done in a single software. Generally, it is the third-party add-ons that combine with QuickBooks and offer complete accounting solution. With the desktop version, the add-ons can’t always be integrated due to limited resources.

But with QuickBooks Hosting, any number of add-ons can be integrated with QuickBooks software. These integrations save a lot of time and optimize business functions and hence increase billable hours.

5. Collaboration

Inside the accounting firm, it is crucial that workflow between the clients and the accountants must be smoothed out. The information must be passed on correctly with clashed so that they can increase billable hours. With QuickBooks being localized, the team has to pass on information with the help of emails and USB drives. This creates multiple copies of the same data and then uploaded multiple times.

On the other hand, QuickBooks Hosting helps to keep single information on remote servers. These files are then edited simultaneously, which eliminates the errors. Unprecedented collaboration on the cloud enables you to save time, which can be utilized as billable hours.

QuickBooks Hosting with our team is the advance solution that terminates any hassles which reduce billable hours. It is perfect for getting through when you are looking to increase billable hours while working with QuickBooks. For any queries about QuickBooks on the cloud contact

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