Best Ways to Recover a hacked Facebook account

If your Facebook account hacked then, it can be very troublesome as Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking sites that are available to people. It is very frustrating when your account is hack as you can no longer use your account for any function and chat with your friends and relatives. But the bigger question that arises in such a situation is the correct methods that you can use for Facebook hacked how to fix

So in this guide, we are going to tell you some of the most accurate methods that you can use to recover your Facebook account if it has been hack by a hacker. There are several methods that you can use you can use to get access to your account. 

Methods to Recover hacked Facebook account

There are some methods that we are going to tell you that will help you to recover your hacked Facebook account on your computer or mobile. Read about all the methods and then choose the method that suits you the best. 

Method 1: Reset your Password

The first method that you can try when you are sure that your Facebook account is hacked is to reset the password of your account on your mobile phone. Use the procedure that we have given here for the same purpose. 

  1. Launch the Facebook application on your mobile phone and then click on the ‘Need Help’ button that is present on the login screen.
  2. After that, you need to tap the Forgot Password link that will take you to a different page. 
  3. Type the email address or phone number that is link with your account. Choose the option that you feel more comfortable with. 
  4. Then you have to press the search button which will bring your Facebook account and then you have to choose a method for account recovery.
  5. You will get a recovery code that you need to type on the Facebook screen and then type a new password for your account. 
  6. Also, select the option to Log out of other devices as, after that, your hacker will not have any access to your account. 

This is how you can recover your facebook hacked account on your mobile phone. 

Method 2: Report the hacked Facebook account

There is another method that you can use for Facebook hacked account and that is to report your hacked Facebook account to facebook. You need to open the Facebook hacked account page and then report for your account there. Follow all the instructions that are given on the screen and report your account as compromise. You also need to type the email address and phone number of your Facebook account as Facebook needs them to verify your identity. 

Also, choose a valid reason when you are reporting the account and recover your Facebook account using this method. 

You can use the website Ityug247 to know more methods that will help you to recover your hacked Facebook account. Hope you have understood the correct procedure given by us. 

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