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Puzzles with crosswords are a great way to enhance your teaching methods to increase student engagement and encourage participation. They can be used for a myriad of educational reasons, but the most important thing is to teach vocabulary. Puzzles with crosswords have been proven to help students master new vocabulary words, improve their spelling ability as well as increase their retention and memory.
To find out more about the educational significance in crossword games, read this research paper titled reviewing for exams Are crossword games helpful in the development of learning for students? published in The Journal of Effective Teaching.
I can still recall how difficult it was to locate words puzzles (those were my favorite) to play in the days before the Internet. I would search for games of word puzzles in the printed pages my father used to read. But, nowadays, things are much better, and everything you’d like is just a click away. Puzzle games are available everywhere online and with just a click , you will be able to access any kind of game.
Teachers can also utilize free online tools to design your own crossword puzzles for be used with your students in class.And there is there is no HTML programming knowledge is needed to create these games. It is easy to move and drop components and input your information and then click to create amazing puzzles that are ready to be integrated into classroom settings. It is possible to customize these puzzles to meet the specific requirements of your students and utilize them to address certain areas of your curriculum. Here is a list of the best web tools I would highly recommend to teachers who want to incorporate the advantages of gamified learning through crossword puzzles in their lessons. Explore them and send us your comments on our social media channels.

11. Crossword Puzzle Tool created by ReadWriteThink

Crossword Puzzle Software from ReadWriteThink

It’s a great web-based tool for creating crossword puzzles that can be used for class use together with students. To begin using it simply type in your name and select a grade . Then, click the ‘create your very own’ and then give a name to your puzzle. Then, enter your words (you must have at least three words)) and clues. The preview version lets you to view what your final crossword puzzle appear. If you’d like to modify something , click’regenerate then when you’re completed, you can print the crossword puzzle and distribute it to your students.

2- Crossword Labs

Crossword Labs is an amazing web-based tool that lets you easily create printing, print, share and complete crosswords on the internet. It’s very easy you just type in the crossword’s title, then type in the word, the space and the clue, and there you are. To secure the answer key set up a password before you create each crossword.

3- Puzzlemaker

Puzzlemaker is a puzzle creation tool for students, teachers and parents. Print and create custom word search, criss-crossand math puzzles, and much more using the word list you have created. To begin using it, you’ll have to select the type or puzzle in the options that is provided and follow the directions provided.

4- Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker

Instant Online Crossword Maker includes a variety of additional features , some of which are premium , such as saving puzzles as PDF files. The way to work is as follows:’Start each line with an answer word. Then, enter an Slash “/” character, after which you can type the clue. Hit the Enter key following each clue. The clues you receive can be whatever length you like.’

5. Crossword Solver

Crossword Solver allows you to effortlessly solve any tricky problem, American style crossword game or British crossword in a matter of minutes. It searches more than 300,000 of the questions and offers more than 2,000,000 possible solutions to assist you in solving your challenge.
Enter your crossword answer to search the dictionary of crosswords and immediately locate the correct word the Crossword Heaven. If you are familiar with some letters in the crossword puzzle it is easy to search for the rest of the letters. Simply type in the letters into the box beneath the crossword puzzle and hit “Solve the Clue.”. In addition to finding the most effective crossword solution the word solver can also locate similar words that have the same letters.

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