Beauty Care Instruments and Their Uses

The beauty instrument industry is booming as people seek methods to improve their beauty and appearance. So, Acheron, one of the finest surgical and dental manufacturers, is the best platform for efficient purchasing. We ensure premium quality by converting the raw material into a final product. We manufacture various beauty tools ranging from professional razor scissors to pet grooming scissors. Our experts are well aware of the modern studies and research that produce the pieces of equipment accordingly. 

Acheron has made its name also by introducing beauty care instruments. We manufacture these tools on our premises to provide high-quality equipment worldwide. 

We offer a variety of products such as:

  • Razor Scissors
  • Barber Scissors
  • Corn and Acrylic Tip Cutters
  • Thinning Scissors
  • Nail Files
  • Nail-Cuticle Nippers and Scissors
  • Pet Grooming Scissors 
  • Root Rasps 
  • Tweezers 
  • Manicure Kits and Instruments

Beauty Care Instruments and Their Applications

We produce many beauty tools that are customised according to the latest trends. Here is a list of our manufacturing along with their common use.

  • Barber Razors, Razor Scissors and Thinning Scissors 

Acheron has a vast experience in manufacturing barbering instruments. We manufacture professional thinning scissors and razor scissors for barbers. A hair expert used them in beauty salons to soften the haircut without changing the shape. We have used quality stainless-steel blades for maximum sharpness to remove unwanted bulk hairs.

  • Nail files, Nail clippers, Nail-Cuticle Scissors & Nippers 

These pieces of equipment are primarily used in beauty salons or the fashion industry. A pedicurist or a manicurist uses these tools to clean the nails of the feet and hands.  

A nail cutter is an essential tool widely used for cutting nails. Then, a nail file is used to shape the nail to enhance its beauty. The cuticle nipper is one of the best beauty instruments, ideal for trimming thin fingernails and toenails in tight places. We have designed it with a small, stainless steel head that helps precision when cutting ingrown nails.

  • Manicure Kits and Instruments

The word manicure is used in cosmetic treatments for cleaning hands and fingers. The manicure kit includes different shapes and sizes of tools used to shape, clean, push and clip the nail and cuticle with nippers and scissors. As a leading manufacturer, we are competent in producing high-quality manicure kits and instruments. 

  • Fancy, Household, and Pet Grooming Scissors

Scissors are two sharp-bladed tools that are screwed together. One of the main distinguishing features of scissors is their sharpness or blade thickness, which specifies the length of the cutting edges or the total length of the tool, allowing one to speculate on their potential uses. We manufacture fancy, household, tailor and pet grooming scissors. Pet lovers can also benefit from us, as we produce pet grooming scissors. These accessories are coated with plasma or titanium, preventing cracking and corrosion/oxidation.

  • Root rasps and Tweezers

Root rasps are commonly used in dentistry to remove extra wreckage and foreign particles from a tooth’s root canal. A tweezer is a tool that is extended like our fingers. It enables us to grasp, grip, position, remove or hold items too small or delicate to manipulate. We manufactured them in various sizes, shapes, and materials. One of the most important uses of a beauty tweezer is hair plucking. We produce multiple coloured tools of your own choice.

  • Corn and Acrylic Tip Cutters

It is the best cutting tool that helps cut the material into small pieces. It is used to cut thin wood, paper, plastic, and soft metal materials. 

Acheron Instrument is a top priority for many clients as we deliver these accessories all over the globe. We always welcome you to join our global network!

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