Basic Skin Issues in Summer You Should Not Ignore

Summer comes with a lot of outdoor time. People usually wait for summer to try out new activities and enjoy summer holidays however, summer is not so friendly when it comes to skin concerns. Exposure to hot sun, humidity, insects, poisonous plants, and sweat, cause a lot of damage to the skin. You must have seen people having red patches of skin or itchy, irritable skin during summer, and if not treated timely these skin symptoms can become problematic. Here are some basic skin issues in summer that you must not ignore and treat in time.

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Acne is one of the basic issues that become a problem for many people during summers. The facial oils can get mixed with bacteria and sweat which results in acne. Acne is cautious as it can spread on the skin, causing irritation, redness, patchy skin, pimples, and soreness. To avoid summer acne, wash your face with cold water, keep an acne-prone 4-step regimen kit with you and use it after every outdoor exposure, and tap your skin with a clean towel wipe.

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Dry Skin

Some people have naturally dry skin zones. During summers, with extreme weather conditions, the skin is likely to get even drier. This causes irritation, itching, and severe rash. Dry skin mostly occurs when you spend much time in pools or water baths, and the main affected area of dryness in the hair scalp, causing dandruff. To prevent dryness in summers, keep a good, oil-free, moisturizer with you and use it regularly. For scalp, you would have to use a quality dandruff-free shampoo, and in severe cases, you might have to shampoo your hair twice or thrice a day.

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Getting sunburn can spoil summer fun and increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Most of you know that sun-block cream is a must in summers, but still, you might forget to use it which then causes sunburns. Sunburns occur as patches on the areas which are more exposed to the sun or are sensitive otherwise. During summers, exposure to the sun should be avoided as much as possible, and the use of a good sun-block should be made mandatory. Sun burns are painful as they feel like regular burns that cause itching, scaly skin, dried layers, and extreme rash.

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Sun Allergy

Sun allergy is different from sunburn. In sun-allergy, you can develop hives which is an allergic skin reaction, when you’re in the sun. Some people are born with sun allergy, as it can also be genetic; while some people develop it later in life. It is common among people who have to work outdoors, under direct sunlight. To get rid of sun allergy you need to consult a doctor and get proper medication.

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Heat Rash

Heat rash is also referred to as prickly heat, and it appears as a small bumpy rash network along with your body parts. It is caused by blocked sweat glands, causing small bumps all over the body. When these bumps burst, they release sweat, and people feel a prickly sensation on their skin. People with heat rash are recommended to work under an air-conditioner, or otherwise, they should try to keep their bodies cool.

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