Backup Appliance – More Than Just a Data Backup Solution

A backup appliance offers a lot more than data backup. It offers convenience to the users. Which is very much needed nowadays.

This means easy backup jobs, reliability and security. When it comes to data backup, a backup appliance, such as a Veeam appliance is a good option. This is because a Veeam backup appliance offers reliable data backup.

In this article, we discuss how can a backup appliance offer easy and reliable data backup.

Backup Appliance

Easy Set Up of Data Backup Jobs with a Backup Appliance

Any reliable backup appliance can back up data when a change happens.Changes get stored in the files and databases of the backup appliance. This keeps the enterprise’s data safe and secure from any harm and data loss. This is better than manual upgradation. As even if the admin forgets to back up data, data is already backed up. A lot of time of the IT team gets saved this way. The reason behind this is that it requires only a minimal amount of effort by the IT team.

How? Well, the IT team only has to set up the backup job. Afterwards, data gets backed up on its own. The backup job will work on its own due to scheduled backup feature of the backup appliance. The IT team can carry on with their rest of duties, making their jobs a lot easier. The IT team won’t have to worry about the backup appliance too much as it will back up data on its own.

Added Data Backup Security with a Backup Appliance

The Veeam backup appliance, comes with many exciting data protection features. These features make sure that the mission-critical data of businesses stay secure. Advanced encryption is one such handy feature.  It makes sure that only the authorized personnel have access to data and no one else. As a result, this makes sure that the data remains safe and protected and is safe from unwanted access. Ransomware-protection is also necessary. Ransomware-protection enables businesses to secure their data from ransomware and other malware. This saves businesses a lot of money and time. Reason being that they don’t have to pay any ransom money or suffer downtime. Not only these but many others features are also offered. Such as; immutable snapshots, data deduplication, WORM (Write Once, Read Many) and a lot more. 

If you are a Veeam user, you would have probably heard of the word “backup copy job”. In simple terms backup copy jobs help to create an additional replica of a VM that is already protected. The replica is called a backup copy. It is mainly used to keep offsite copies of data or replicate it. This reduces recovery time and help in disaster recovery site activation. The backup copy jobs are available for VMs that are either on the Veeam backup server or any other backup repositories. 

In Summary

– A backup appliance offers businesses reliable data protection.

– Data protection features make sure mission-critical data is safe.

– These features make a backup appliance a good investment for businesses.

– A Veeam backup appliance offers all the above-mentioned features as standard. 

– This makes a Veeam backup appliance reliable.

– And it offers businesses easy and reliable data protection.

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