Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR – All You Need to Know!

Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR

In this piece, we are going to talk about the two extremely loved EHR software solutions in the market today. Let’s find out all there is to know about Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR!

Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR is one of two EMR modules provided by a leader in the electronic healthcare industry. It is a secure application for gathering, archiving, and sharing patient and hospital records with outside parties. Medical organisations can use Centricity EMR independently or integrate it with existing practice management software. Because the system is so adaptable to a hospital or clinic’s operations, scaling is possible. Additionally, Centricity EMR has a number of features that can lower costs, improve care, and speed up patient administration for healthcare organisations. You don’t need to worry about your data’s security because Centricity EMR’s hosting takes care of all HIPAA compliance requirements on their end.


Clinical genomics practise management solutions are the primary focus of Centricity EMR’s first application. If the provided data is accurate and encoded, this type of application enables direct reimbursement through an EMR. This application also contains a programme for converting type 2 EMR data. This application aims to improve the quality of information provided to clinicians in genomics clinics through improved genomics service delivery. Changing the way medical codes are used and switching from paper to electronic medical records are two ways to achieve this. To know more about Centricity EMR, you can check out Centricity EMR reviews.

Athena EMR

A well-known EHR option for medical practices that is easy to use and reasonably priced is Athenahealth EHR. You can take better care of your patients and accomplish more in the clinic thanks to the software. Your administrative and financial tasks will be handled expertly by Athenahealth EHR with the aid of Practice Management and Medical billing software. Athenahealth’s cloud-based practice management system provides full access to patients, manages claims and clearinghouses, and keeps payers informed of developments. In addition, Athenahealth offers services like Epocrates and other educational apps, population health monitoring, medical billing, RCM, and patient engagement. Check out Athena EMR reviews to know more about the software!

Athena EMR Features

Mobile App

Reviews of Athena EMR frequently mention how helpful the AthenaOne mobile app is. The software gives users access to a feature-rich mobile application. Users can read summaries of each patient’s medical history and browse through their medical records. An adaptive learning algorithm offers suggestions for how to make things better. The app also shows every important piece of information, including upcoming appointments and unpaid debts.


The most valuable element of the athena medical software system, in our opinion, is telehealth. A patient can receive guidance from a physician wherever they are by using a virtual conference. You can offer free medical consultations in addition to the patient portal. Due to the Pandemic and unforeseen lockdown, this functionality is essential. During the athena EMR demo, you can explore the telehealth functionality and see its advantages in action.


With the aid of the Athenahealth EHR, practitioners can offer integrated care. For instance, Carequality and Commonwell make it simple for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to share patient information. You can see a patient ‘s healthcare history, including the clinics and practitioners they’ve seen. Furthermore, a medical facility’s information is always current because it is connected to the charts of specific patients. In general, these shared resources enable people to make future plans.

Centricity EMR Features

Patient Encounters

Patients’ encounters seem to be as straightforward as dealing with patients face-to-face. But it’s not quite that easy. The idea behind patient encounters is to create plans for fostering meaningful interactions. The solution to this is to spend less time staring at screens. The Centricity EMR demo demonstrates how tastefully it starts from scratch with the patient examination process. It automates the entire patient encounter beginning with the patient check-ins. By offering users editable clinical summaries and templates, the software helps users in exam rooms. It presents the preferred template design of the provider, saving time.

Financial Management

Financial support is yet another area where Centricity EMR excels. A strong revenue cycle module is included with this unique solution to manage financial transactions. In order to help practices’ financial situation, it also looks into the claims management aspect in addition to assisting with the processing of billing statements. By integrating with the EHR solution, it makes management of bills and claims simpler. By giving managers the chance to complete the forms with accurate data directly from patient profiles, this integration avoids double data entry. Having said that, it thoroughly checks all claims for errors before submitting them.

Client Engagement Management

With its array of patient-focused services, Centricity EMR effortlessly raises patient engagement. The software aims to improve the relationship between patients and doctors. It focuses on increasing patients’ trust and confidence in the clinical services in order to ensure that their goal is achieved. It accomplishes this by offering a user-friendly and feature-rich patient portal. The portal enables users to access their medical records and invites them to suggest any treatment-related process improvements. Additionally, it provides clients with automated reminders and an integrated scheduler that allows patients to book appointments online.

Athena EMR vs Centricity EMR – Pricing

Athena EMR pricing

Each provider pays $140 per month for Athena medical software, with prices rising as the number of providers rises. So training can cost anywhere between $500 and $5,000 depending on how many sessions you attend. Additionally, you receive a free 30-minute athena EHR demo, which is an important perk because it enables you to assess whether the system is appropriate for your practice and improves patient care.

Centricity EMR Pricing

Centricity EMR cost has not been provided by the vendor. However, to know Centricity EMR pricing, please schedule a Centricity EMR demo.

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