Assisted Payroll Services: Explore all the Premium Features

Assisted Payroll Services are kind of accounting solutions where you can get all the premium features of an advanced Payroll Management system. It costs a price of $109/month + $2/month per employee and helps users to file their Payroll taxes properly. To know about QuickBooks Assisted Payroll service, view and read this blog post till the end and explore how you can utilize this option to upgrade your accounting experience.

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What Makes Assisted Payroll management services different

Intuit assisted payroll service is a combination of various functions including Paying w-2 employees, Free Direct Deposit, Creating instant paychecks, Filling taxes & year-end forms, Round the clock Payroll support with no tax penalties. QB Assisted Payroll services allow you to pay 1099 employees, unlike the basic counterpart. In this case, the entire Payroll services are independent, there is no need to view your forms. All these features make it different from Basic Payroll and enhanced Payroll Services.

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QuickBooks: One of the Best Assisted Payroll Service Providers

QuickBooks is one of the service providers in the USA which offers some unique features:

  1. Inventory Tracker : QB Pro allows you to use an Inventory tracker option which helps accountants to manage expanded bookkeeping tools for organizations.
  2. Unique Tax Compliance : The accounting program is a combination of tax experts who provides updated tax compliance tools to record maximum utilization of deductions.
  3. Pay Instantly : QuickBooks offers to give you an option to transfer your funds within 24 hours which saves your time and prevents delay in filling Payroll taxes.
  4. User Interface : QB software program provides a user-friendly interface that helps non-technical users to get and use all the advanced accounting features easily.
  5. Project Profitability Tracker : QuickBooks is a popular provider for Assisted Payroll services in the USA because of one of its functions known as Project Profitability Tracker that can enhance the profit and can minimize the expenses of your running organization.
  6. Cloud Backup : In QuickBooks, users can undo data recover errors by restoring data from the cloud. You can data back up file and get back your lost data anytime you wish.
  7. Insightful Reporting : create sales reports, record expenditures, analyze business profits and performance and file your taxes in a few clicks.   

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  1. What are the requirements to use Assisted Payroll Services

To utilize QuickBooks Assisted Payroll services, you will require a supported version of QB(2010 or newer) Pro, Premier or Enterprise. To update your QuickBooks if you are still using the older one to use the services properly.

  1. How many employees can I pay at the same time using QB Payroll Services?

You can pay to unlimited numbers of employees at once but you may be slower if you pay more than 50 employees at the same time, there is no limit though.

  1. Does QB payroll track workers’ compensation

Yes, QuickBooks payroll service will help users to manage and apply the right workers’ compensation codes and creates a report of how much you owe.

All the given information can enhance your knowledge related to QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Services. If still, you have any kind of doubt, you may contact through a toll-free number 1.855.738.2784 and solve your doubt as per the query.

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