Are you willing to pay the price? The Real Cost Of Being ‘Influencer’ On Instagram

As Instagram is full of bloggers and influencers, the current trend of advertising continues to redefine itself right in our feed. What was once cleared as a dream come true for those who could not afford a formal modeling job, now appears to be a lucrative career for thousands. Finding real Instagram followers is now a more confusing topic than before. While this type of ‘influential marketing’ attracts very few people, more and more brands are taking advantage of the event and are proving to be paying for both sides.

 At first glance it seems that anyone with a good face and a good camera can participate, but what is the real cost of being a successful Instagram promoter? We already know the basics of how to get real Instagram followers, but what really puts the best of the best apart from the emerging ones in the ‘gram? We have researched styles and researched some of the most notable Instagram promoters to give you those who wish to inspire proven tips for growing your Instagram audience and attracting top brand brands.

Investment to Find Real Instagram Followers

As with any business venture, all Instagram promoters start small when they are trying to grow your Insta game. If you are really serious about initiating this social effort, the first step is to differentiate your profile from the average user in photos. Invest in a good digital camera and editing software to showcase your skills right away.

IPhone photos are no longer captured in this competitive arena. If you personally do not have the skills to take pictures or edit, consider hiring a photographer to take and edit your posts. Depending on the type of content you choose to send, investing in related products such as the cost of dressing or traveling is important to prove your ambition. If you are in Malaysia, you should buy Instagram followers to find your ideal customers.


We know this activity can be fruitful, but the price tags on the top promoters’ posts are those of official advertising campaigns. The sixth major rule is 1% rule – which means you should be able to charge 1% of your total number of followers per post. For example, a user with 10,000 followers can usually charge $ 100 for a # ad and sponsored post. The price list for all the followers package can be found on this link

 These prices will go up a lot especially when you start out with ‘less influential fans,’ which is anyone with less than 100,000 followers. It seems like desires, we know. Perhaps the most important factor in being a successful facilitator is having a specific niche that you really care about. This should be your true love – a passionate passion and not just a goal category for Instagram.

What is the cost of finding real Instagram followers?

Some of the most prominent communications promoters have used industries such as fashion, food, fitness and mobility. By giving your profile in the realm of your professionalism, brands will naturally love your content and want to work with you at the professional level.

Keep in mind that big companies will have more successful products that are willing to pay more for your sponsored content. This should not mean changing your interests for the sake of pay, but simply means that those who wet your feet in the game of influence.

Gaining Recognition

Before brands reach you with content or start sending you a product, you will need to over-pay, buy tags and hashtagging your own. No one needs to know that you are buying and advertising brands according to your terms as someone who wants to influence.

Just think, how will Patagonia know that you look good in your gear when you use it well and write compelling captions so if you don’t prove it to them in advance? And why would a high-end jewelry company consider using your social media skills for marketing purposes without having to show your enthusiasm for the industry by consistently submitting your feed? The road to becoming a leading promoter is undoubtedly an investment, but it will pay off if you follow these unwritten rules. Continue with FansLeap to find out more about how to get real.

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