Anti-burglary lock (multipoint) against burglary

No one is currently safe from burglaries and burglary attempts. This type of break-in is indeed common in cities large and small. Fortunately, some solutions have been effective so far, including the burglarproof lock. Want to know more to better secure your door? Here’s what you’ll need to know about installing an anti-theft lock in your home.

Anti-theft lock: what is it?

Specially designed to protect homes, offices, and other premises from intrusion by criminals, such a lock is resistant to the tools commonly used by burglars. It normally stays in place despite attempts to break in by drilling, picking, or other such methods.

If the burglarproof name lock means nothing to you, you certainly know the multipoint lock better. Yes, that’s what it’s all about! Unlike single-point locks, multipoint (or burglarproof) models have several bolts. There are three in general (hence the name three-point lock). This publication tells you a little more about multipoint locks.

A three-point lock offers better security because it closes at three levels. But we can go further because an anti-burglary lock can be equipped with many more closing points (up to ten)

Anti-theft lock: which model to choose?

Admittedly, the system is the same, but the effectiveness of an anti-burglary lock can depend on the model and the manufacturer. Some manufacturers are better known than others because of their know-how and the recognized quality of their products. So the choice is a matter of affinity.

Do you have no idea of ​​the different multipoint locks on the market? Here are some quality manufacturers that many consumers appreciate:

  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Baldwin
  • Yale
  • Evva

Take a tour of their site to learn more about their offers. In hesitation, ask your relatives or outright from a serious locksmith. This one will be great advice since it is his specialty.

Anti-theft lock: how to install it?

But for the burglarproof model, we strongly recommend that you call on a locksmith in Tampa. It would indeed be a shame to invest in such a lock without really benefiting from it because of an installation error.

Besides, be aware that insurance companies are very picky about the security of doors and windows. Among other things, they require that the doors have multipoint locks and that these have been installed by a professional.

Don’t risk losing your home insurance coverage by doing everything yourself. Certainly, if you are a minimum handyman, you can tell yourself that you know what you are doing. But imagine if your insurance didn’t cover your broken door or your home broken into just because you didn’t hire a professional and best locksmith Tampa to install the burglarproof lock.

Make your front door more secure by installing an anti-theft lock. This type of lock is particularly effective at deterring burglaries. It is not enough to simply install an anti-theft lock. Additionally, adopt the proper reflexes to improve the overall security of your home and guest houses. More information can be found on this page.

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