Accubid Cost vs Procore Cost: Which one is Suitable for you?

Accubid Electrical Estimating Software and Procore Electrical Estimating Software are both the leading systems in the electricity estimating industry. Both the software provides some features that are only specific to them, so you can select any software that is suitable to your needs and preferences.

Accubid Software—Introduction

Accubid software is an electrical estimating solution for construction that facilitates the construction workflow from estimating to purchasing, project management, and billing.

Accubid is a flexible estimating tool to quickly and accurately create estimates, it provides a full-featured estimating solution.  The best choice for people who want to save time and money in complete estimating e.g., electricians and contractors.

Accubid Electrical Estimating Software helps in saving many hours of manual labor and material pricing calculations and offers you an exact estimate for your project. Easily workable with Both PCs and Macs without any additional equipment or training.

Accubid software’s extensive estimating feature includes intelligent assemblies and specifications, spec—driven takeoff, and live bi—directional interaction with Live Count for error—free and seamless takeoff. Access TRA-SER and Supplier Xchange, including the accurate and most recent pricing information from your vendor. Comprehensive labor and material database comprising 12,000 assemblies and 40,000 items, Accubid pricing service integration, a live bi—directional interface to the Timber Live Count graphical takeoff, multi—level breakdowns, and integrated reporting are some of the important aspects of this software.

Accubid Software—Main Features

The main features of Accubid Software are:

Cloud—Based Interface

Accubid software provides a cloud—based interface to its customers so that you can access your data anytime and from anywhere. Accubid software handles all the work related to hardware maintenance, server infrastructure, operating system updates, installation of version updates, and Microsoft SQL licensing so you don’t need to be hassled about such issues. Its frequent backups feature provides you with a backup for your work which ensures that you don’t lose any of your data in case of any disasters.

Accubid Estimating software stops you from worrying about the server database and allows you to concentrate on creating an accurate bid to win the next project.

Customizable Takeoff

Project managers and Estimators from various places may access the same assemblies, products, and projects by using Accubid anywhere. Additionally, to fulfill project—specific specifications you can modify different variables such as conduit size and material types. It is possible to easily adapt to various bid options or value engineering proposals fast and easily with Accubid Construction Programme.

Workflow Streamlining

All the primary tools you need to develop accurate electrical estimates, information exchange with team members, promote collaborations, and win and bid more business profitably are delivered by Accubid Classic Estimating Essentials program.

Procore Software—Introduction

Procore software is the top cloud—based construction application. Procore is a centralized platform that links teams, devices, and applications. Its project management features permit you to track multiple tasks while providing complete transparency among them.

The software aids in reducing the need to retake and boosts profit margins by allowing constant communication between the field employees and office staff and check the ongoing project progress in real—time.

Procore Software—Main Features

Main features Of Procore Construction are:

Easy Task Management

Procore construction is considered to be the top construction program for managing the various conducting tasks for a construction project. Less than one minute for phone inquiry and over 90% satisfaction rate are achieved by this cutting-edge software. Thousands of specialist contractors, subcontractors, and business owners are estimated to be utilizing Procore software to manage their operations. More than two million individuals are affiliated with or are employed by the construction industry indicating expansion in this sector. Procore software enjoys the leading position in its area.

High—End Features

Procore Construction software encompasses the most user—friendly features as compared to its competitors.

The reviewers honored the software’s different feature sets, that are available at a high price but include a variety of tools that are not usually available in any other single software.


Procore is a top project management platform due to its effortless integration between a request for information (RFI), resource planning, time tracking, contract and change control, and report generation.

Every Procore plug-in works quite smoothly. You can set up an efficient way to access your data from anywhere, and improve proactive management as several integrations are stored in the cloud. You can save and organize your project-related files in one central location through Procore Sync.

Accubid Cost vs Procore Cost

Accubid Software has not publicly disclosed its pricing, but it is mentioned that it costs a one—time subscription. To get information regarding its pricing quotes and packages, you can contact the vendor to get the cost estimation. Furthermore, Accubid electrical estimating software offers a free demo to its customers any time to experience how its system works, and what services or user experiences it provides.

Procore does not offer a free plan for its customers. But for its paid customers, it offers 3 different plans.

Connect the field and Office— starts at $667.00 /month (paid annually).

Manage Projects and Finances— at $870 /month (paid annually).

Maximize ROI— $ 1182.00 /month (paid annually).

Accubid vs Procore Software—A Comparison

Both Accubid software and Procore Construction systems have many benefits, including integration with digitizers and CAD files.

In addition to being cloud-hosted, Accubid comprises real-time pricing and customizable attributes. Both software can accommodate numerous users and at the same time can be used by up to three people.

Both Accubid software and Procore electrical estimating software are a great fit for the construction industry. Accubid offers almost the same features as Procore, including estimating and submittal management but is available at around double the price of Procore.

Procore is designed for small to mid—sized construction companies, whereas Accubid is geared towards large data contractors and industries. As both suites are cloud-hosted and fully integrated with pricing technology, they allow unlimited user access.

Concluding Remarks 

The selection of suitable software is not an easy task for any newbie. There are many aspects that are to be taken into consideration while selecting the software for your business, pricing and integration being the top factors.

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