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Summer has begun. You already know what that means. Soon, we all will be sweating up rivers. Well, we can’t protect you from the scorching sun but we can make you smell like a flower bouquet. Today, we will talk about the best fragrances and mist perfumes to buy online in the summers. Don’t worry about finding your ideal scent. We will help you search for new arrivals from various fashion brands of Pakistan and cover different types of fragrances. If you find fragrances that appeal to you, make sure you buy them ASAP.

Latest Perfume for Women in Pakistan

Dusk by Limelight

Limelight is ruling the fashion industry of Pakistan. Their extensive collections fill up our wardrobes for all seasons. Lately, they have stepped into the world of best body mists and perfumes. All their premium mist perfumes are affordable and long-lasting. The long-lasting factor is essential in mist perfumes as a scent that fades in a few hours is useless in summers. Dusk is a prime example of their premium fragrances. This fancy square-shaped bottle not only looks gorgeous, but it smells beautiful too. Let’s talk about how this perfume smells now. The top notes are a blend of leafy, lemon, and raspberry. This blend carry the hint of a subtle citrusy scent. Furthermore, the heart notes are more flower-based as it carries the fragrance of orris, violet, and white flower. Lastly, the base notes are a blend of Cedarwood, Musk, and Powdery. These notes add an earthy smell to the perfume. This combination of notes makes this one of the top fragrances for women. Order this perfume today and make your summers as refreshing as possible.

Elixir by Sapphire

Here is another brilliant brand. Like any other fashion brand, Sapphire is known for its clothing. Now they turn their head towards scents for women. Without a doubt, their fragrances are the best perfumes for her. Their collection is worth a glance. You can find different fragrances with various tones at their online store. Right now, we will discuss Elixir. This fragrance is one delightful one. Soft undertones of bergamot, citrus, and musk unfold into flowery jasmine, orris, and rose. Lastly, the base notes are Ambergris, Moss, and Musk. The cipherical quality of Elixir is surely noticeable. If you want to smell good on a special day then try it today!

Bohemia by Khaadi

Khaadi is a brand we all know about. Now and then we visit their stores to buy clothes. Yet, we are sure that you haven’t given their fragrances any importance. It’s because Khaadi is known for their clothes rather than fragrances. Well, you don’t know what you are missing out on. You should try out their Bohemia Scent. It’s a bright, contemporary scent that starts with bergamot and citrus. It moves into a lovely rose and frangipani heart. The sumptuous foundation of creamy white Musk enhances the aroma. The main note of these fragrances is rose, frangipani, and musk which highlights its intensity. In short, it is the best perfume for young women and old women alike. Try this scent today and make your summers fresher.


Beautiful by Junaid Jamshed J.

J. has numerous top rated women’s perfumes to choose from. This fragrance is called “Beautiful” because it makes you feel gorgeous.  It’s a one-of-a-kind sumptuous trail with gentle almond top notes. It radiates cinnamon, bergamot, and lemon notes at the core, as well as fragrant floral bouquet notes. The foundation of this lovely combination is enveloped with warming notes. These consist of cashmere wood, tonka bean, vanilla, and white musk, as well as iris, tuberose, and jasmine. The never-fading smell of this perfume is perfect for summers. If you want premium mist perfumes then this best female perfume 2022 is for you.

BEAUTIFUL by Shaniera Akram

Joy by Limelight

Do you love new perfumes for women with a distinct design and aroma? If yes, then, Joy by Limelight will appeal to you. Both the box and the bottle have a modern design. The majority of fragrances on the market have a flowery or fruity scent. This fragrance is similar in that it combines the fragrances of amber, musk, and vanilla. Imagine going through a dew-covered fruit and flower garden early in the morning. When you spray this perfume, you’ll be able to enjoy the lovely odors of wet tree wood and flowers. Wherever you go, this scent will leave an impact. If you want the best affordable perfumes for women visit Limelight’s online store right now!

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