A Complete Guide on How to Deal With QuickBooks Error 179

QuickBooks has truly proven its significance and won the hearts of many when it comes to managing finances online. It is reliable accounting software for all types of businesses. Apart from offering a plethora of services and feature, QB also allows its users to sync their bank accounts with QuickBooks account. This feature has been introduced so that the users can keep track of their transactions and update their work easily on both platforms. Although you can operate QB smoothly, sometimes error such as QuickBooks error 179 comes up when you try to log into your online banking through QuickBooks but are unable to do so. Have a look at this blog to gain an in-depth insight into the matter as to how to remove the error effectively.

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Why do you Encounter the Error Message 179 in QuickBooks?

Multiple reasons can affect the error, such as the ones mentioned below. Read further to know more-

  • The balance sheet reports in other accounts have not been updated.
  • Secondly, some of the entries might be missing from the lists.
  • You have not checked for the negative values in invoices and bills, due to which the issue is repeatedly arising.
  • Another reason for facing the problem could be that the transaction data present in the company file might be missing.

If searching for some best ways to troubleshoot the error 179 in QB, then check out the next section of the article.

Top Two Solutions to Overcome the QuickBooks Desktop Bank Error 179 Successfully

We have explained the topmost troubleshooting methods in this section. The following solutions have been tried and tested by our experts-

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SOLUTION 1: Verify the Windows Registry Configuration and Fix It Accordingly

  • Open the ‘Run’ dialog box on your Windows desktop by pressing the ‘Windows + R’ keys.  
  • Enter ‘Regedit’ and click ‘OK’. 
  • Now, right-click on the Computer icon and hit ‘Export’ to take a backup of your registry. 
  • After you do this, your QuickBooks backup file with the ‘.reg’ extension will be created. 
  • Make use of ‘Registry Editor’ to bring back the .reg file. 
  • Finally, run your QuickBooks Desktop application again. 

SOLUTION 2: Check for the New Updates of Financial Institution Information

  • Launch QuickBooks and move to the ‘Tools’ menu. 
  • Click ‘Online Center’ and choose ‘Financial Institution’ (Select your bank from the list). 
  • Now, press the ‘Ctrl + F3’ keys to choose the ‘Contact Info’.
  • Tap ‘Needs updating’ to put the branding data and profile. 
  • Make the requisite changes and click ‘Update/ Send’. 
  • If asked to provide the password, enter it. 
  • Next, hit the ‘Update Now’ option and enter the necessary information. 
  • At last, sign in to your bank account to fetch QuickBooks data. 

As we come to the conclusion, we hope the article on QuickBooks error 179 has helped you to debug the problem efficiently. Some of our regular QuickBooks users have claimed that these solutions have worked best for them. However, a few technical glitches might stop you from fixing the issue. In such a case, contact our team of professionals by dialing Toll-Free 1.855.738.2891

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