A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding And Using CBD Vape Pens

Vaping has been everywhere for a long time. It might start as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, but now it has become a full-blown obsession for people who have never smoked. You can vape almost anything, including essential oils, flavorings, and natural compounds.

One of the prevalent ways to consume CBD oil is vaping. But how and why would you vape CBD oil? How do CBD vape pens work? Here’s how to start with all of that and more.

How does CBD Vape oil work?

Raw hemp extract is a substance that is very strong and concentrated. It’s also very thick and sticky, so it’s not usually suitable for vaping or eating on its own. For a CBD brand to make a finished product, like CBD drops or CBD vape oil, they must water down the raw hemp extract. Watering down the hemp extract makes a usable product with the same amount of CBD in each bottle.

There are two ways that companies hunt down hemp extract.

CBD vape oil can be made by adding vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to hemp extract. CBD vape oil is compatible with almost any vaping device, even cotton wicks. Most of the time, this is the item you should buy for the best vaping experience.

To make CBD drops that get consumed by mouth, a company can mix hemp extract with food like MCT oil or olive oil. Even though you can vape CBD drops, the experience won’t be great if you use a vape tank with a cotton wick. Cotton doesn’t soak up the oil very well. Use a tank with a ceramic wick to vape CBD oil that you take by mouth.

The good news is that it doesn’t take that much thought to choose the right CBD vape oil for your vape pen. 

Benefits of vape:

People can choose different flavors and mixes.

People like vaping because it lets them make it their own, and vaping CBD oil is no different. There are many fun flavors, strains, and mixes to choose from. For example, the hemp disposable vape pens come with strains like Fire OG and Jack Herer. When you vape CBD, it’s easy to make the experience the way you like it.

Vaping is a common way to avoid smoking.

Hemp flowers that can get smoked are excellent in their way. It gives a traditional, familiar feeling and has its benefits. But some people like vaping CBD oil instead of smoking it because it’s easier and cleaner. You don’t have to deal with ashes, you don’t need a lighter or an ashtray, and you can vape almost anywhere without leaving a smell behind.

It’s easy and fun to vape.

Even though it’s becoming more and more common to smoke hemp, you may want to get your cannabinoids more casually and privately. CBD vapes are, without a doubt. Vape pens are thin, easy to hide, and easy to put in a pocket or purse. When you want a drag, pull out your CBD vape pen, take a puff, and watch as the vapor you exhale goes away. You won’t leave any smells behind, so even if you’re sitting next to someone, they won’t know that you’re vaping CBD oil.

How to choose a vaping device?

To vape, you will need a vape device. There are many on the market; some are easy for beginners to use while others are more difficult. But you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to use the most complicated vaping device on the market.

The rule of thumb for people who have never tried CBD before is to get the most accessible device. The most accessible vape pen to use is one you throw away after each use. After that, you can use cartridges, pods, or vape pens that can get filled up. You’ll move up to more advanced options that might fit your needs. Read on to find out what choices you have.

Disposable CBD vape pens

These are the most basic vaping devices you can buy. They come in a unit that is already filled and ready to go. Some have a button you press before you take a puff, and others work when you breathe in. They are made so that the battery and coil stop working once vape juice has been used.

CBD oil cartridges

CBD users tend to agree that CBD oil cartridges are the second most effortless way to use CBD. CBD oil cartridges are light tanks with CBD e-liquid ready to use. They can have anywhere from 0.5ml to 1ml of CBD distillate or CBD vape juice. You need a vape pen or a battery that works with these to use them.

CBD pods

CBD pods are similar to CBD cartridges but have newer parts and can be used with JUUL batteries. The best-known vaping device is the JUUL, which lets users switch between different vape juices. With your vape e-liquid pod, you have to snap it together and start using it however you want.

Refillable CBD vape pens

You can fill these pens with your favorite CBD e-liquid. They can be charged again and again with the simple battery that is attached to the tank. Depending on the CBD vape juice you choose, refillable CBD vape pens produce more flavor and vapor than the other devices.

Refillable CBD vape pens need to be maintained by taking apart the parts, wiping them down, and changing the coil. If you take care of these pens well, they will save you a lot of money in the long run.’

Pod vapes

Like CBD vape pens that can get refilled, pod vapes can get filled with thin vape juices like CBD. There are different sizes and shapes of pods, but most of them look like JUULs.


As already mentioned, vaping CBD is one of the best methods to ingest CBD. This is because it absorbs quickly, tastes good, is easy to use, and has other benefits that other products can’t match. Moreover, this guide is for you if you want to try CBD vaping but don’t know where to start or why you should use this method.

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