5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Frozen Pizza

For people who are busy on a daily basis, having everything on the go is a blessing. This applies especially to food which is an important part of the day. Be it for breakfast or dinner, cooking takes time and we all know that productivity and time go hand in hand. Thanks to food options such as frozen pizza that makes eating enjoyable without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. 

You may think that frozen pizzas are mostly eaten by people who always run out of time to cook. This is not always the case. In fact, you can enjoy a pizza experience and make it special whenever you link. All you have to do is be creative and innovative in the process.

To give you an idea, here are some ways you can make a frozen pizza more special:

Add Some Leftovers

If the thought of eating leftover chicken the third day in a row makes you want to scream, try putting it on your pizza. This technique works especially well if the chicken was prepared simply so you can dress it up however you want with seasonings and sauces. 

One of the best things to do is shred leftover chicken and toss it in tangy barbecue sauce or a hot sauce for a pizza with buffalo wings flair. If you go the wing sauce route, go ahead and sprinkle some blue cheese on the pizza, too. Other leftover proteins (i.e., pork, steak) work too, just make sure to thinly slice them.

Play With Other Sauce

The sauce is the toughest thing to change on a frozen pizza since you can’t get at that lake of frozen sauce stuck between the crust and the cheese. So, the trick is: add sauce-like things to the pizza once it’s done cooking. 

A drizzle of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, spicy honey, or balsamic vinegar is all good sauces to up the flavor profile of your frozen pizza. A good trick is to squirt a basic red and white pizza with some homemade or jarred pesto. It’s a great way to use up pesto before it oxidizes and it brings plenty of flavor to the party.

Throw In Extra Toppings

Now that you’ve perfected your pizza slices, with full portions of toppings on each slice—it’s time to kick up the flavor. You can do this by adding even more pizza toppings and of course, cheese. Before baking the pizza, throw on more pepperonis, mushrooms, peppers, or whatever you have on hand.

You can also sprinkle more shredded cheese on top because you can never have too much cheese. In the end, you’ll have perfectly portioned slices with extra flavor. You might even forget you’re eating a frozen pizza! Here are a few more ideas for upgrading your frozen pizza, including how to make it extra crispy.

Jazz Up The Crust

A frozen pizza crust is often pale, brittle, and flavorless, but by adding a seasoning finish you’ll turn it into everyone’s favorite part of the pizza. In the last few minutes of cooking, brush a little butter or olive oil on your crust and then sprinkle it with seasonings. 

You may want to use classic pairings like Parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, and minced garlic, or go a whole different route with choices ranging from curry powder to everything bagel seasoning.

Cook By Slice

Air fryers can transform soggy leftovers into fresh-as-new entrees, make the crispiest french fries ever, and even cook hard-boiled eggs in minutes. So why stop there? Make the most out of this workhorse appliance by air frying frozen pizza for crispy crusts that give your favorite spots a run for their money.

Benefiting from the convection heating that circulates air around the food, an air fryer quickly heats all sides of a frozen pizza evenly and prevents it from becoming a soggy mess. With just a push of a button, you can enjoy a golden and crispy slice of pizza fresh out of an air fryer.

Key Takeaway

After a long day at work, no one wants to spend hours in the kitchen prepping a five-course meal. We want something easy to cook and eat straight away – that’s where a frozen pizza comes in. Frozen pizzas are a delicious, effortless fix for when you are tired or short on time.

It goes without saying that most frozen pizzas leave something to be desired when it comes to quality, but there’s actually a way to cook them that will save time and emulate your favorite pizzeria’s pie.

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