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Computers are the main driving force behind the technological development of the past few decades. From charting the deepest abyss to putting men on the moon, computers made it all possible. In this digital era, there’s hardly any industry that doesn’t need computer science engineers. This makes B Tech computer science the best choice for engineering aspirants. Let us explore the reasons why you should consider studying computer science.

Job Readiness

A degree in B Tech Computer Science and Engineering makes you job-ready. The skills you’ve acquired in the four-year engineering course will help you secure a job. You don’t need a post-graduate degree to land a job in the software industry. Many established companies and start-ups conduct on-campus and off-campus interviews that recruit competent candidates into various lucrative positions. If you crack those interviews, you’ll get a job even before you have a degree in your hand.

Extensive Job Market

Each and every industry embraced the digital era and made the best out of it. This has opened a world of opportunities for software professionals. Practically no industry today runs without software professionals. In addition to the product-based and service-based software companies, computer science graduates can be employed in a lot of industries like science, education, finance, banking, healthcare, and transport.

Lucrative Salaries

The software industry offers the highest-paying jobs in today’s market. The annual packages can range anywhere between Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs depending on the skill set of the individual. Candidates who perform consistently can advance their careers through promotions and salary increments.

Global Opportunities

The world is riding the digital wave. Every country has a well-defined IT industry that brings billions of dollars to its economy. Twenty-first-century consumerism and the technological revolution have created new fields of study that never existed before. As a result, from the giants of Silicon Valley to the modest start-ups, everyone is on the lookout for competent computer graduates. A B Tech Computer Science and Engineering degree will help you enter lucrative positions abroad.

Job Satisfaction

Science and technology made the world a better place. Each day, we use products and services that make our lives simpler. We are living with comforts that our ancestors only dreamed of. Technology has made tremendous strides from weather and disaster predictions to cancer research and robotic surgeries. Computer science is one of the primary reasons that it all happened. When working in the software sector, you’ll be content with leading a meaningful life.

If you are searching for the Best B Tech Computer Science College in Dehradun, Shivalik College is your obvious choice. Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the industry. Our B Tech computer science program is an amalgam of classroom training by expert faculty and practical training in the state of the art laboratories.

At Shivalik college, every student is valued. We ensure that each student makes the best use of our robust learning methodologies, increasing their employability. Through our innovative Shivalik Computation and Automation Society (SCAS), we conduct technical events that provide the student ample hands-on experience. Our curriculum also includes workshops, guest lectures, student development programs, industrial visits, case studies, seminars, and value-added courses, making us the Best B Tech Computer Science College in Dehradun.

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