5 Questions to Ask Your Packers and Movers

We’ve covered the idea of getting an estimate from several mover and packers in Dubai in previous posts. What happens when you’ve decided to work with a movers company but have some doubts before discussing the details of your move?

We understand that you’ll have questions up to the moment when you begin your move, or you’re at home in your new place. Here’s a short checklist to help you make the proper inquiries to the chosen moving and packing experts located in Dubai.

Does the Company have a Legally Licensed One?

The reason for asking this question is that the moving industry is flooded with every service provider, so it can be challenging to discern which one is reliable.

If you ask your moving and packing company in Dubai, You’ll be able to distinguish the new, insecure service providers from those that possess legally valid authorizations. Permission is required to work in every central region of the particular emirate and proof of trust.

And working with the licensed packers and moving companies in Dubai will help you plan your move with the knowledge that your possessions (worth hundreds of thousands in dirhams) are safe with us.

Is your Company a Direct Provider of Services or an Intermediary?

The most commonly asked query (too) is if you’re working with a direct service company or the broker!

UAE has developed into a city of many nations, and there is always a need for new businesses to help new residents with their relocation requirements. This is why even large organizations outsource a portion of their work to partners who have small moving teams.

It does give you a cheaper cost for your move but comes with an unintended consequence!

In an alarming situation such as breaking a few things or a broken item, your service provider might not be able to address your concern.

Have you had Similar Experiences in the Past?

If the nature of your move differs from your typical activity, be sure to inquire about it!

Commercial moving isn’t just concerned with the charge of your valuable electronic devices, desks, or files.It’s important to know what you want when examining for the most trustworthy packers and Movers within Dubai and decide whether they’re prepared to help you with your comforting conditions.

Begin by describing your action plan and clarifying what you need them to do, starting from where you’d like them to start and the final destination. This can help them evaluate the whole process with a precise estimation. They’ll also be confident in providing a few helpful tips based on the difficulty of your move.

Am I Getting a Damage Coverage Facility?

Before you choose the moving and packing service in Dubai, ask yourself this crucial question to provide another layer of security for your move.

Most companies provide the primary coverage for damage for their customers in the event of minor damage, but when things fall beyond their control and they don’t accept your claim.

What other Services Can you Provide other than Just Transit?

Moving isn’t just about unloading and loading stuff on the truck!

There’s a phase before moving followed by the post-move time in which you require more hands than during the moving. Before you proceed to contract with a few moving and packing companies in Dubai, ask what other services you can anticipate from your moving firm. In simple terms, ask if they can assist your needs for cleaning up after the move and maintenance or the removal of large wooden boxes that will ensure a hassle-free experience.

Leave a comment below and let us tell us about your experiences with your previous mover and how you dealt with the circumstances. today to connect to the most reliable moving and packing companies in Dubai to meet your commercial relocation requirements.

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