5 key factors that can extend your candy boxes life without a hitch  

The candy boxes are utilized in the food industry for the effective storage of candies. They ensure the safety of the fragile food items inside and prevent them from any kind of damage, wear, or tear. They are readily available in various shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Not only that, they are extremely lightweight as well, which makes them highly cost-effective. Moreover, they are light on the environment as they are eco-friendly and reduce the overall carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Their immense customization features allow you to use any type of printing technique on their smooth surfaces to make high visual appeals to the customers. 

The candy boxes are quite popular among most of food businesses since they can carry more products several times their weight. But it should be remembered that they do have their limits. Whether you want to package more candy products or make them a little stronger, you have to reinforce them; otherwise, they may break. Simply know that it is very easy to extend the life of your candy packages and make them more durable so that they can carry heavier loads. All you need to do is to remember the following factors while designing them. 

Do not leave any gaps:

The most important factor that can play a crucial in extending the life of food boxes is reinforcing any gaps in them. Most of the food packages have several parts that are glued together. Reinforce these parts to increase their carrying capacity. Look for any spaces or gaps in these parts and join them together by the glue so that they may not break. The custom candy boxes which have no glued materials can be reinforced by gluing the bottom flaps of the box. This will assist in providing more strength to the base of these packages and prevent the flaps from collapsing when carrying a heavy load. 

Corner and bottom reinforcement:

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your printed candy boxes is through the corner and bottom reinforcement. Firstly, you can reinforce the bottom of these packages by placing two laths forming a cross. These laths could then be fixed in place with staples. Stapling them is very important here as it will allow them to carry heavy loads without breaking. Furthermore, if you want to prevent them from moving in case the candy packages are moved upside down, then staple it. Having a firm base will allow you to carry more items easily.

Similarly, to make the corners of custom printed boxes firm and free from any kind of damage, the corner laths should be stapled from outside the box. At first, you need to push the lath against cardboard candy packaging, and after that, you need to staple it from outside your cardboard packaging. 

Special coatings:

The candy packaging is mostly made from cardboard material to effectively pack the bakery products. So, this cardboard packaging can be made more resistant to water and prone to any type of wear or tear with one or more coatings of epoxy, resin, or wood glue. These special coating will prevent some dangerous liquids from affecting the structural strength of printed candy boxes. They will also be difficult for any type of external factor to cause ant wear or tear in candy packaging. These special coatings are easy to obtain from hardware stores. You will also need a flat paintbrush, the size of which will vary according to each box. Simply paint a layer of special coat like epoxy or resin onto the dry cardboard candy packages. To add a second layer, wait until the first layer completely dries up. This way, you can harden your packaging and make it more durable for longer periods. 

Tape over the joints and edges:

As you know, the joints and edges are the two most vulnerable parts of food boxes, which can rip off very easily, allowing the external elements to damage the fragile products inside. If you are unable to apply special coatings to these packages, simply apply strong tape over them to prevent any type of damage. The tape should be durable enough to protect from damage. For instance, packaging or duct tape is much more effective than standard masking tape. Do not use masking or scotch tape since both of them are not durable enough, and they tear away very easily. 

Tape the outer joints and edges of the custom boxes for additional support and strength because doing so will make the structure of your packaging sturdier. Furthermore, it is important to tape the entire exterior of your packaging to keep any kind of damaging risk away. 

Insert cardboard inserts:

Another effective way to make your custom printed boxes more durable and prevent them from any type of wear or tear is to insert cardboard pieces that run along the entire length of the corners of your packaging. Spare cardboard pieces can be effectively utilized to create the corner pieces. These inserts will then make the corners of your packages more durable and sturdier. Not only that, but these inserts will reinforce the top layer of your packages as well, especially if you are planning to stack some items on top of them.

If you are running a food business, you can easily increase the life expectancy of your candy boxes by simply corner and bottom reinforcement. Make sure to reinforce all the gaps between them. Also, do not forget to apply special coatings and tape over all the joints to enhance their durability and sturdiness.

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