Which Are the Top 4 Sectors that Will be Revolutionized by Blockchain Technology?

We all know the impact that Blockchain technology has already brought upon us. This disruptive ledger technology has immense potential to transform numerous industries. The perks of assimilating blockchain technology into businesses are plenty. From establishing transparency to enhancing security and eliminating the need of middlemen, this open ledger system is sure to take the world by surprise.

In this blog article, we will take a deeper look into the major industries in which blockchain technology will soon be redefined. Dive in to know more.

Is it a Game Changer for the Financial Sector ONLY?

Initially, being a decentralized ledger system, blockchain technology was thought to be applied only to the financial sector. But in due course of time, the potential of this technology was understood to have potential beyond imagination. Here are the six major sectors that will positively impact Blockchain technology.

Top 4 sectors that will be revolutionized by blockchain technology

  1. Agriculture
  2. Real Estate
  3. Energy
  4. Healthcare

Facilitate a Secure value chain in the agriculture industry

The data distributed across the entire blockchain network cannot be hacked or modified. Hence information stored here is secure and immutable. We all know that there isn’t any scarcity of data in this world. But data that is trustworthy and transparent is difficult to find. Or in some cases, the data present can be even outdated and of low quality. Blockchain technology helps make data available to everyone equally without any bias or veil. Blockchain provides a reliable solution for tracing the product and controlling the supply chain when it comes to the agricultural sector. You will notice the immersive rise in supply chain blockchain companies in the last 2 years. Blockchain technology will have an exponential impact on farmers. From fair pricing for all to the provision of better insurance programs and the inclusion of smart contracts that eliminate any middlemen to weather prediction, blockchain technology will be a boon to the agriculture supply chain.

Prevention of power grid failures in the energy sector

As per the latest research, blockchain technology in the energy sector is expected to grow by US$919.5mn from 2021 to 2026!. Blockchain technology will have an influential impact on the energy sector, from electricity distribution to peer-to-peer trading and the management of electricity data to commodity trading. Blockchain technology will help track the power grid that has fallen easily, saving time and effort. Blockchain in power grids will prevent blackouts which can cause a major loss of revenue for various organizations. This groundbreaking technology is certainly the need of our energy sector to better manage time and money.

Middlemen elimination in the real estate industry

Enhanced trust, better data management, and easy access to real-time information are among the perks of blockchain technology in the real estate industry. Smart Contracts have the potential to keep everyone on the same page as it records and executes transactions and payments automatically. That means no need for any middleman. Also, through the NFTs registry, real estate ownership can be claimed easily. It improves the fractional ownership of real estate assets and reduces transaction costs. Being an open ledger network, through blockchain technology, every stakeholder will have equal access to data information across the network.

Better medical record management in the healthcare sector

One of the biggest challenges of the healthcare industry is the lack of privacy, security and transparency of patients’ medical data. An electronic health record system can be created through blockchain technology that allows medical data to be added in the form of blocks in this open ledger network. Real-time tracking of medical equipment, goods and drugs right from the manufacturers to the end-user is easily possible through the blockchain system. This means fewer chances of fraudulence in medical supplies and goods. Another major use of the blockchain system is verifying the medical staff’s credentials. By having the data related to accreditation stored on the blockchain network, any institution can easily verify the credentials and experience of medics. Real-time tracking of epidemics and other diseases is also possible through this technology. Smart contracts can minimize conflicts between insurance companies, patients and healthcare providers as all the information remains transparent.

Implementation of Blockchain in every sector is a revolutionary idea. It will have a life-changing impact on our lives. And evidently, the reach of its impact doesn’t end with the financial sector, but it goes far beyond that. There are many enterprise blockchain companies available who are providing good solutions to their customers. Undoubtedly, Blockchain technology has infinite possibilities and great potential to transform various industries for good.

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