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11 Signs of depression to watch out for

Depression is a serious mental health illness that causes people to experience extreme sadness and blues. People who are depressed are unable to carry on with their normal routine. And even if they do, it takes a lot more effort than it usually would.

Many a times, people do not know they have depression, and they continue battling with the disease, which has a greater toll on their well-being. Untreated depression does not only has grave implications for one’s life, but depressed people are at a greater risk of attempting suicide.

Therefore, it is important for all to know the signs of depression, so when you experience these, you report to a Psychiatrist in Lahore and get the help that you need.

Bodily aches

Even though depression is a mental health disorder, it does have implications for your physical health as well. It can lead to miscellaneous bodily aches and pains.

Change in dietary habits

Depression also leads to changes in dietary habits. They either eat too much, and gain weight, or they eat too little and thus lose weight.

Emotional rollercoaster

For those suffering from depression, controlling emotions is harder. It causes people to have mood swings. They also are prone to having bouts of crying. These emotional outbursts can take a toll on the person, as they themselves do not know why they are having the emotional outburst.

However, their emotional anguish is not always apparent. Many try to force happiness, known as smiling depression. In front of others, they appear happy and jovial. But it is just an act that they are pulling.

Inability to concentrate

People who are depressed also have memory and concentration issues. It is harder for them to focus and carry a conversation. It can then make them slightly reclusive, due to which then others are unable to notice the changes in their personality. It then is more difficult for the loved ones to offer solace and help.

Heightened anxiety

Another sign of depression that makes it harder to detect is anxiety. Depressed people have greater tendency towards anxiety, with symptoms like increased stress, changes in breathing rate, sweating, panic, and nervousness.

Hopeless outlook

A hallmark of depression is hopelessness. Depressed people do not think things will get better. They stop thinking that life has a point to begin with.

Lack of optimism is a very hard place to be at. There is then no motivation and no expectation for things to get better.

Lack of energy

Depression also causes people to experience extreme fatigue. Many do not even have little energy to get out of bed. It is rather difficult for them to continue with their routine chores.

Loss of interest

Depression also makes people lose interest in everything. The things they once found stimulating and pleasurable become colorless and uninteresting to them. It not only causes them to not have a source of happiness, but people also do not have any reprieve from their sadness as well.


People who are depressed generally tend to hate themselves. One reason why is because of their guilt. Due to their disease, it is harder for them to be productive, and consequently, they then start to hate themselves.

They also think of themselves as worth-less. Combined with their morbid thoughts, it can also lead to thoughts like they do not deserve to be alive, etc.

Sleep changes

Sleep chances and emotional health go hand in hand. People who are depressed tend to run into sleep problems. They either sleep too little or too late. In either case, it does not bode well for their health. And then improper sleep also then increases their risk for mental health problems like depression.

Thinking morbid thoughts

Depression also makes people think of morbid thoughts, especially those about death and dying. In some severe cases, people may also have thoughts of killing themselves.

Getting help

Depression can be managed with therapy and medication. If you think you are depressed, you should not hesitate to get help from a qualified expert like Dr. Junaid Rasool.

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